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Prezi Template B-SIDES

No description

tmGraphic Design

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Template B-SIDES

Visual Language Team
outer limits remix
iron man remix
Bright Lights
dusk remix
Bright Lights
orca remix
Shoot for
Apollo remix
the Moon
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Boston remix
Treasure Hunt
eden remix
sepia remix
chlorophyll remix
Winds of Change
A collection of alternate color schemes and layouts that
we like too much to leave on the cutting room floor

This alternate version of our Exploration template is illustrated in a flat vector style, and features an axis that breaks the presentation into Short Term Goals
(inner planets)
and Long Term Goals
(outer planets)
. Moon systems were featured around several planets, giving you spaces to place sub-topics.
Perfect for presentations about uncertain futures and discovery of the unknown.
We experimented with several versions of Dashboard before landing on a single universally recognizable gauge style, with an AutoMeter color scheme, and a versatile sweeping structure. This fun remix features a cluster of floating gauges on a darker background, and grid elements reminiscent of Tony Stark's heads-up-displays. Content is added to circle-frames in order to continue the dashboard feeling.
Great for presentations about company health, current performance, etc...
The seminal Bright Lights template captured the feeling of out-of-focus globes of light in the distance. This alternate color scheme takes the same concept forward several hours, into the evening.
Ambient and atmospheric, this template is perfect for simulating the feeling of city lights at the start of a warm summer night.
A third variation on the original, the tears-in-rain remix features enhanced bokeh elements that simulate lensing effects caused by water, and a color scheme inspired by Rutger Hauer's final moments in Ridley Scott's science fiction classic, Blade Runner.
Use this template for dramatic emotional effect when conducting your next Replicant-interview =)
This version of the Photo Gallery template removes all the text boxes in favor of a solid wall of photo frames. The lighter background maintains a warm daytime feel, and the 15 photo placeholders allow you to assemble a dynamic collage of images.
Perfect for event recaps, or even sharing your oh-so-interesting vacation photos to friends.
This alternate color scheme features light gold frames and a rich red wallpaper in the background. The radial gradient creates a vignette effect that focuses the viewer on the image at center, and the light source appears to come from inside a cozy room at night time.
Perfect for nostalgic presentations and trips down memory lane.
With every revolution of the planet, we begin our cycles anew and wake up feeling revitalized and refreshed. The original Revitalize template reproduced the feeling of morning dew on a cool pane of glass. In this alternate version, The water is heavier and appears to bead-up on a dark shiny paint job or the skin of a killer whale.
Perfect for presentations about natural topics, marine life, winter weather, or even unveiling new products.
This alternate version of Treasure Hunt takes a more atmospheric approach, and focuses on a single dimple in a low-poly terrain, rather than a winding linear path. Frames can be placed just about anywhere to evoke a mood without locking you to a beaten path.
Perfect for presentations about searching a diamond in the rough, or the discovery of hidden surprises
The original version is a great template for presentations about environmental topics or organic structures. In this alternate version, the colors and peas-in-a-pod structure have been reversed, creating a more realistic light-source, and an almost palpable sense of nature.
Perfect for presentations about the natural world, or environmentally conscious messages.
In the 1960s, mankind was ready to shoot for the moon. In 2014, we aspire to embark on a mission to Mars. Two different eras... similar vision. This slight variation on the original Mission to Mars template takes us back 50 years to a simpler time, when the known universe was lot smaller, and mankind's potential seemed to know no limits.
Perfect for presentations about lofty goals and conquering insurmountable odds.
In this version of Network, we use the same shallow depth-of-field to view a matrix of connected nodes, but this time we use a sophisticated "retro" color scheme to create a unique and timeless effect. This template lives in an abstract space, somewhere between classic and futuristic, and is
great for any presentation about connected nodes or arrays.
Winds of Change is all about spreading ideas, and inspiring progress. In this 2nd edition, the spiral structure is replaced by a delicate, mono-directional axis with a subtle zoom effect. Solid shades of blue and white frames merge to create an elegant contrast.
Perfect for presentations about instigating change, transforming the world, and other humble dreams.
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