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Online Auctions for Commerce

No description

Kaitlyn Karalus

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Online Auctions for Commerce

Define the term "business model"
and list 5 e-business models.
Online Auctions for Commerce
Dot-Com Bubble
What was the dot-com bubble?
What lessons were learned from it ?
Operating as an e-business
What are the requirements and challenges?
Online Auctions for Commerce
P. 165 Chapter 6

Team 4:
Nick Jones
Abby Vanderbrook
Kaitlyn Karalus
Internal Communication:
Communication is more efficient, documents can now be shard via electronic methods and through cloud based platforms.

Self-service features reduce inefficiencies and the cost of providing the services directly to the customers.

Marketing Communications:
Companies can use the web to communicate with potential customers.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allows companies to build a customer base on a bigger scale than ever before

Research, Information Gathering and Web Analytics:
Using the web allows for faster search results on a wide range of topics.

More Benefits of an E-Business
Needed to maintain these business critical apps
Servers need to be capable of supporting the volume of customers who are visiting the site

Accuracy and Quick Response:

Need to respond quickly
Websites must be able to carry out all necessary transactions
B2B and B2C expected functinality
Business Model:
The methods by which a company generates revenue

1. Name-your-own-price
2. Online Shopping
3. Forward Auctions
4. Membership
5. Affiliate Marketing
What is the Importance of PCI DSS Compliance?
Increases the security of the data transmission

PCI DSS is required by the credit card companies if you want to use their credit cards
The Dot-Com Bubble occurred roughly from 1995-2000

The number of internet users sharply increased

During the time of the Dot-Com Bubble, equity markets grew exponentially

Many companies engaged in daring business practices in hopes of dominating the market

Lesson Learned : don’t invest when prices are overvalued and fundamentals are poor.

More Challenges and Requirements
What was the dot-com bubble? What lessons were learned from it?

List some benefits of operating as an e-business

What are the requirements and challenges of e-business?

What is the importance of PCI DSS compliance?

Define the term "business model" and list 5 e-business models.

List Some Benefits of Operating as an E-business
The Learning Company
Security and PCI DSS Compliance:

All servers, transmission lines, apps, databases, & connections must be secured

Building Competitive Advantage:
Does not remain unique for long
Integrate Social Networks

Integration of e-commerce systems with enterprise systems:
Harder to do when companies are merged or acquired

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