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Copy of Game By Walter Dean Myers

No description

Hadeel khudhair

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Game By Walter Dean Myers

Game Setting The novel takes place in Harlem. The main place that things happen is at Baldwin High School. The main character lives in the slums of Harlem. Characters The major characters in the story are
Drew Lawson
Jocelyn Lawson
Thomas Dvorski
Coach House Chacter Descriptions Drew Lawson- is the main character in the nover he is a gifted ball player that struggles with the new teammate and has to learn to let his Coaches teach him. Jocelyn Lawson- She is the sister of Drew is very bright and wants to be a model trys to help Drew threw out the story. Thomas Dvorski- Is a forgein guy from Prague. Joins Drews team the Baldwin Chargers, after his home in Prague is destroyed and his father is killed in a civil war. Thomas is favored by the Coach imediatly after he joins the team. Coach House- Is the Coach of the Baldwin Chargers basketball team and seems to be favoring Thomas threw out the season; but is really just trying to teach Drew that he has to let the Coaches tell him how to play and listen to what the coaches tell him to do to make it into college. Plot Inroduction In the begining of the novel you learn that Drew is a great basketball palyer and the leader of his team. Theteam is getting new players at the midway point in the year, Drew imediatly trys to figure out why the coach is so interested in the new player Thomas. Rising Action At the first game Thomas is allowed to start along with Drew after being on the team for only a few weeks which frustrates Drew, because the coach is favoring Thomas. About halfway threw the game Drew gets benched for not listening to the game plan and giving Thomas the ball. Drew gets angrey and ends up sitting a lot more in the next few weeks of there season. Climax In the last few seconds of an important game the team is down by two points and Thomas gets the ball wide open but he hesitates and doesn't shoot; so Drew takes the ball from him and makes a three point shot to win the game. After this Thomas is mad, because he says he was waiting for the clock to whined down and was going to shoot. Drew prushes him off but Thomas swings on Drew but one of their teammates steps in and slam Thomas to the floor. Falling Action Thomas invites Drew to his house and Drew meets Thomas' mom. Thomas and Drew work out their differences and the team wins the city championship. Thomas is getting many scholarship offers, but Drew isn't getting any of the ones he wants. Resolution Drew gets a scholarship to Depaul and is happy, because he will have a chance to play against some of the top ranked college school so he can show how good he is to the pros. Drew and Thomas have become good friends and look forward to their time in college where they hope to get the chance to play against each other. Theme The theme of this novel is listen to the people trying to help you and always be a team player. Drew learns that if he doesnt allow the coaches to teach him he wont play at the college level. He learns that the team isn't all about him but it needs to be about everyone. Literary Elements Foreshadowing Irony Foreshadowing At the begining of the story in the first practice that Thomas was part of Drew threw elbows at Thomas this should that they would have trouble getting along. Irony Drew hits a three point shot to give his team the lead and then the coach takes him out of the game for not sticking to the game plan. Its ironic because he gave them the lead but got taken out. Text to Connections Text to World I did a text to world because everyone wants to show how good they are to better their chances of going farther in sports or whatever they are doing, and all Drew wants to do is show his talents to the scouts and get a scholarship to a high ranked school. Personal Response I thought the book was really well written and wasn't as predictable as i thought it would be. In the end of the book the Chargers dont win the regionals. Walter Myers does a great job of keeping the reader guessing and interested in the book. I'd recomened this book to anyone interested in sports. Literary element passage "I floated the ball over him and it went in, we wer up by four and FDA called a time out during the time out coach told Rickey to go in for me." I think its ironic that he made a huge shot but go took out of the game for it. Setting Passage "Every time you pick up the newspaper, every time u switch on the television, it's more of our youndg men either killed or going to jail." Drews mom says this after seeing a news article about a stor robbed down the road from their house. This shows that the neighbourhood they live in is not a great place to live and its a slum. Charcater Passage "I knew I was solid because I had big money skills and my head was into the game." This passage was from Drew discribing his skills at the begining of the novel this shows how good Drew is and how sure of himself he is. Plot Passage "Thomas started toward me again, and Ruffy grabbed him around the waist, lifted him off the ground, and slammed him to the gym floor." This is right after Drew took the ball from Thomas for a game winning shot. This shows how big the conflict had got between Thomas and Drew. Theme passage "Don't let whats happening off the court get on the court and mess with your game." The assistant coach tells Drew this after Drew and Thomas get into it on the court after the game, and Drew brushes him off and the next game then Thomas and Drew start to work it out and Drew sees that his game is improving. Bye: Walter Dean Myers
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