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"A Streetcar Named Desire"

American Lit 2 Presentation

Steve Grochowski

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of "A Streetcar Named Desire"

A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams Presentation by Steve Grochowski Tennessee Williams' Life Real Name: Thomas Lanier Williams
Born in Columbus, Mississippi
Had a "southern belle" of a Mother, Edwina
Drunk, Abusive Father, Cornelius
Dropped out of University of Missouri
Moved to New Orleans (Setting of "Streetcar")
Wrote over twenty full length dramas during carreer
1911-1983 Scene One Blanche DuBois arrives in New Orleans
Dialogue between Blanche and sister, Stella
DuBois family affairs; losing estate, Bella Reve
Introduced to Stella's husband Stanley Kowalski
Audience gets the feel that Blanche is a fibber Scene Two Dialogue between Stella and Stanley (argument over Belle Reve)
Stella touches on Blanche's insecurities
Turns into argument over Belle Reve
Stanley and Blanche have a "pretty intense" conversation
"Here all them are, all papers! I hereby endow you with them! Take them, peruse them-commit them to memory, even!" (1175).
Stanley reveals that Stella is pregnant to Blanche Scene Three: "The Poker Night" A men's game of poker was the basis of "Streetcar"
Setting: The Kowalski's Appartment
Aduience gets futher introduced to Stanley's buddies and their behaviors
Banche and Stella come back from a girls night out
Blanche shows interest in Stanley's friend Mitch
While pretty intoxicated, Mitch gets annoyed at the women's behavior and ends up charging at Stella
Stella ends up forgiving him Scene Four Dialogue beween Stella and Blanche
Blanche reveals how she feels about Stella's husband
"Stanley Kowalski-suvivor of the Stone Age! Bearing raw meet home from the kill in the jungle!" (1188). Scene Five Blanche tells Stella about old love interest who is an oil tycoon
Blanche HITS ON then KISSES a very young man
This reveals just the tip of Blanche's odd behaviors Scenes 1-5, pages 1161-1194
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