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Max Tuttle

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of The SAIC

Art Institute of Illinois
Chicago Brief History Applying Academic Opportunities The Illinois Institute of art was founded in 1916.
One of the first art applied institutes in the United States.
It was renamed the Ray College of Design in 1981
Joined the Arts Institute system in 1995. Summary Private for-profit school
More than 3,000 students enrolled.
One of the 80 schools located in Chicago.
Small Art Portfolio with your best work
Application Majors Deadlines:
Spring 2013 - Priority merit: November 1
Final: January 15

Fall 2013 - Early decision: November 15
Early action/merit: December 1
Priority merit: February 15
Final: June 1 - Intermedia/Multimedia
- Culinary Majors
- Fashion
- Filming/Acting
- Graphic Design/Animation
- Interior Design - Management
- Advertising
- Photography
- Retailing/ Wholesaling (fashion) Finances May get scholarship based on portfolio
Tuition is $17,500 a year
Job on campus to pay for tuition
Undergraduate fee $50
New Artists Society Scholarship - 50% - 100% of tuition
-Performance based Career services Find work and Co-op internships
Prepare résumés and portfolios
Develop a career strategy and employment skills
Apply for professional opportunities
Develop proposals
Pursue exhibition opportunities
Apply for graduate school
Develop networking and interviewing skills
Helps you find jobs Student Living All utilities (trash removal, water, etc.)
Cable television,
Emergency telephone service
No drugs or alcohol on campus Meal Plans Vegan/Vegetarian meals (Don't worry, they have meat too!)
Staff/Students/Faculty together
Billed with housing
10 meals a week (Not weekends)
$1000 per semester (sounds like a lot) ARTICard Social
Surrounding Activities Fitness/Tennis Center
2 Bowling Lanes CHICAGO PARK DISTRICT After blockbusters like the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Alexander McQueen exhibition, visitors to “Fashioning the Object,” which opens April 14 at the Art Institute of Chicago, might be inspired to ask, “Um, so where’s the fashion?” But that would no doubt come as a compliment to Bless, Boudicca and Sandra Backlund, the unconventional and fiercely independent designers who were selected by the show’s curator, Zoë Ryan, because their work “challenges the fashion system and speaks to the time in which it is made.” Three immersive environments highlight behind-the-scenes aspects of the creative process. The Boudicca designers Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby have provided 25 to 30 of their conceptual short films. The Bless component will feature Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag’s signature look books — using friends as models and distributed in publications like Monthly Vampire Magazine — and surreal hybrid objects like the “Hairbrush.” And Backlund will be represented by light-infused abstractions of her sculptural, handmade knits printed on 11-foot scrims, which underscore her emotional connection to her work. Says Ryan: “I’m curious to see what people will make of it.” In Conclusion

Many Opportunities
Many Ways to express yourself
Find ways to put your imagination into motion Questions I still have -

1. What kind of on campus jobs are there?
2. Are there any other hands on experiences?
3. How do the students enjoy SAIC?
4. Who was the most famous person to graduate from SAIC, if anyone?
5. How are the teachers?
6. How closely do you get to work/talk with the teachers 1 on 1?
7. Did students choose this as their first choice for college or was it a fallback option?
8. How strictly do they give out scholarships for art portfolios?
9. How safe is it on campus?
10. How safe is it in the surrounding area?
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