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No description

Laura Taylor

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Questionnaires

Phone Type of structured interview
Goal is to control in the input
Goes back 200 years http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/howard_john.shtml
First applied to voting behavior studies
and advertising in the mid-1930s 1. Face-to-Face
2. Self-Administered
3. Telephone
4. Online Four Methods Face to Face Advantages:
Can be used with people who otherwise couldn't participate
You can explain questions, probe
You can use several data collection techniques
You can ask more questions
Respondents get one question at a time
You know who answers it Self-Administered Disadvantages:
Only wealthy/urban have phones in some places
People dislike phone solicitations
Needs to be short, >20 minutes
If interviewers are paid, they may cheat.
Laura Taylor Spring 2013 Questionnaires: A How-To For Collecting Data What is a Questionnaire? Disadvantages:
Costly in time and money
Surveys done over a long period of time run the risk of being overtaken by events. Advantages:
You can gather data from a large representative sample at a low cost
Everyone gets the same questions
Can ask more complex questions
Can ask long batteries of questions
Anonymity provides a sense of security. Disadvantages:
No control over how people interpret questions
Low response rates common
Can't guarantee respondent who received it is the one that answered it.
Prone to representation issues.
You can't guarantee they don't read ahead
Can't administer to illiterate populations. Advantages:
Inexpensive and convenient]
Impersonal quality of self-administered and personal quality of face to face
Random Digit Dialing lets you reach anyone with a phone.
Easy to monitor the quality of work
There is no reaction to the appearance of the interviewer.
It is safe. You can survey people in unsafe areas. When to Use What Mailed or dropped off: Illiterate, confident of high response rate (70%), no need for face to face Face to Face: Need complete answers Phone: Highly Industrialized, most people have phones. Drop and Collect: Mail and phone system inefficient Other Considerations Interviewers
Close ended vs. Open-ended
Wording and Format
Response rate Issues
Cross-Sectional/Longitudinal Studies
Panel Studies But wait! You didn't talk about internet! Advantages:
Easy to build
Easy to analyze
Easy to administer
Can reach people in hard to reach groups Disadvantages:
Can be tough to get people to take it
A lot of people don't have access to the internet El Fin
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