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The Haunted Bridge Book Report

No description

A Uppal

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of The Haunted Bridge Book Report

The Haunted Bridge Protagonist: Nancy Drew- Nancy Drew is an 18 year old girl who is a detective. She is doing a case for her dad while she is on vacation at Deer Mountain Hotel. The case is that someone has stolen a jewel compact. Antagonist: Mrs. Brownwell- Mrs. Brownwell used to be in a gang with some theives and the gang stole the jewel compact and gave it to Mrs. Brownwell to keep. Conflict: Nancy Drew vs. Mrs. Brownwell (person vs. person)- Nancy's dad is a lawyer and he has given her a case to work on. The case is that someone has stolen a jewel compact. Mrs. Brownwell has the stolen compact and says that it is hers because it has her daughters picture in it but she put it in there when she got it from the theives. Setting: Deer Mountain Hotel- Deer Mountain Hotel is where Nancy, her dad and her two friends Bess Marvin and George Fayne are staying. Plot: Nancy, her dad, Bess and George are staying at Deer Mountain Hotel. Nancy is working on a case for her dad. She has to find a stolen jewel compact. Nancy is playing golf and her ball goes to a bridge. Her caddy, Chris wouldn't get it because there is a rumor that the bridge is haunted. They find out that he thinks it's haunted because ther is an old scarecrow that looks like a ghost. Later, they come back to look for Nancy's ball but they couldn't find it. They dug in a few spots and they found a box. Nancy uses her spiked shoes to open the lock on the box and it opens. On the bottom, there was a jewel compact. Nancy thinks it is the stolen jewel compact but, she wants to make sure so she asks her dad to come. Carson Drew (Nancy's dad) comes to look at the jewel compact and says that it is the stolen jewel compact. They think that someone named Margaret Judson stole it because she used to live near the bridge and they found the box with the stolen jewel compact there, but her old friend Mrs. Brownwell was with a gang of theives and she had the stolen compact. She had given it to Margaret but Margaret didn't know that it was stolen so she just put it in her box of jewelry (the one that Nancy, Bess and George had found) and that night fire broke out in her house. Nancy, her dad, Bess and George meet Mrs. Brownwell and they ask her if the jewel compact is hers, She says yes because it has her daughter's photo in it. Carson Drew says that it is stolen property. Mrs. Brownwell tries to run out the door but the security people catch her. She admitts that she was with a gang of theives and that the gang stole the compact and gave it to her. She also says that she stole some jewels from Margaret Judson when she was at her house the night before the fire. Mrs. Brownwell returns the items that she stole from Margaret Judson to her. They arrest Mrs. Brownwell. Climax: When Mrs. Brownwell gets arrested. Denouement: When Mrs. Brownwell returns the items to Margaret Judson. Theme: Don't do the wrong things. By: Carolyn Keene Book Report written by: Ayushi Uppal
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