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Anne Frank

No description

on 26 December 2013

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Transcript of Anne Frank

Anne Frank
By: Amelia Merkley
Anne Frank
Written By: Richard Amdur
Copyright 1993 Chelsea House Publishers
102 Pages
Anne Frank was living during the time of the Nazi's. She was a Jew so it made it that much worse. Her family went into hiding to try and stay away from the Nazi's. They lived in a little apartment that was behind a swinging cupboard.
Anne Frank
Anne Frank's Family
Star of Jews
Anne Frank
Born: June 12, 1929 - Died: March 1945 (exact date unknown)
She was very mature for her age.
14 years old when they went into hiding.
Loved to write and kept a journal which she wrote about everything going on in the family hideout AKA the secret annex. Her journal is how we know about what happened to her.
she wanted to become a journalist but never had that opportunity.
Was a Jew.
She was kind of the peace maker of the Secret Annex, she didn't like it when the other people living with them had arguments.
She believed that everyone was good deep inside their hearts.
Anne Frank's Diary
Before the Holocaust started they lived in the Netherlands, then since they were Jews their only option was to go into hiding. They went to Amsterdam and lived in the top of a apartment that was hidden. The entrance was a cupboard that swung open. They lived in that apartment for a long time. They had friends that lived by them that would help get them food and other necessities of life. After a couple of years of being in hiding the Nazi's found them and took them away. They went to Westerbork, the transit camp. From there they were sent to Auschwitz- the concentration camp. From there Anne and her Sister, Margot, were transferred to Bergen-Belsen. That is where they all died.
I think one of Anne Frank's biggest accomplishments was that she recorded all that happened to her in her life and had her journal published. Her dream of publishing her works were accomplished.
Another accomplishment is just the fact that she survived so long in the Holocaust. They humiliated the Jews in the camps awfully. They were forced to strip off all their clothing and stand under a bright light so that the Nazi's could decide if they were to go on to the concentration camp, be killed, or be gassed. They also tattooed a mark on them classifying them. The only reason she kept trying to stay alive was because she believed every person had some good in them. Even after all the grief that Hitler caused her to have. While in the concentration camp she had stress disorders because of everything that had happened to her.
Extra Facts
In the concentration camps, when a girl died they were thrown into a pile that all the others had to walk pass to get to the bathroom.
After they were stripped of their clothing, they were given a little sackcloth smock as their only piece of clothing.
When Anne was in the second concentration camp her sackcloth was so infested with bed bugs and other little bugs that she threw it away and used a blanket as her clothing.
Otto Frank (Anne's Father who survived)
Published version of her diary
Anne and her Sister and Father
Otto Frank after the Holocaust
Anne writing in her diary
I liked the style that this book was written in. It was written more like a story than a nonfiction book which helped me get interested in it. It was also very informational but in an organized way. I think it was really easy to follow what was happening. I also think it was an interesting thing to read about and kind of a sad subject.
I would give this book an...
I would suggest it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust .
The End
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