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survival bread kit

Venture lab bread challenge ;)


on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of survival bread kit

survival bread kit Remember What do we have inside... bread of course! In case you want to... play a trick on somebody Task:
Create as much "value" as possible
starting with
ONE LOAF OF BREAD. So, let's open.... always ready to help! wasabi but also.... In case kids are bored. Or adults ;D + = wasabi - yummy!
isn't that? ;D > or a trick on a VAMPIRE! :O - > + in case you must hide in the woods... - > + - > invisible! incredible! And this? it has nothing to do with bread, right. isn't it obvious?!
it's gangam style.
I mean.... MacGyver style! BUT no rescue kit can exist without a string. even if it's rescue bread kit. * *) if you don't know that then go to your room and watch MacGyver. NOW! Without such a basic knowledge your life is threatened. Seriously. + : penicilin inside it's true. if you don't believe me go to
or read "With Fire and Sword" (a historical novel by the Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz) but first let the spider go! - > in case of wounds... apply on a wound it's a web you want to use ;) shocked? read this +paint all over the place ;) Here comes the rescue + + also if you're just hungry :)
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