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My shadow

No description

Deanna Randolph

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of My shadow

My shadow
Robert louis stevenson
About the author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Born November 13th 1850 in Edinburgh
He became a novelist.
Famous works, Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Mr. Hyde
Wrote children's literature.

Jala Randolph
Jon Van Til

"I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of him is more than I can see."

Robert Louis Stevenson

Literary Devices
Literary Devices
Rhyme scheme
Stevenson uses a simple rhyme scheme because it makes it easier for children to read.
The rhyme scheme helps the poem to be memorable.
The rhyme scheme also helps the poem flow like a song.
Rhyme scheme
The poem has end rhyme. every stanza has two words that rhyme with each other at the end of each line.
In this poem the rhyme scheme is aa bb cc dd ee ff etc.
Rhyme scheme
The rhyme scheme makes the poem easier to understand.
Stevenson uses simple rhyming words like ball and all.
The simple words used helps the reader imagine themselves back in their childhood, if they are an adult that's reading the poem.
The rhyme scheme with the short words allows the reader to enjoy the poem because they don't have to sit and think about what each line or word means.
Literary Devices
Personification is when a writer gives human like qualities to non-human things.
In this poem Stevenson gives human qualities to a shadow.
For example he talks about how the shadow can be sometimes tall or sometimes can be very little.
Another example is how he explains how the shadow looks and acts like him as if he's a real person.
The personification used helps children and adults understand how the author relates to the shadow.
It also helps the reader to put themselves in the author shoes and allows them to see themselves walking with a shadow following their footsteps.
Lastly it gives the readers a chance to appreciate this shadow as if it's a real person.
When the author uses certain words or descriptions to give the reader a mental image of what the author sees.
Helps keep the children any reader engaged in what they are reading.
Makes the reader want to actually go outside and experience what Stevenson experienced.
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