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No description

Lucy Liu

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Pusheen

White bread
Whole-wheat bread
strawberry jam
Meet Pusheen!
One morning, Pusheen woke up and headed to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Once in the kitchen, Pusheen noticed that she was able to make a sandwich with white or wholewheat bread, she could have tuna, egg, or strawberry jam in her sandwich, and have juice or milk as a drink.
Pusheen realizes that she has 12 different ways to prepared her breakfast
She thought that making a sandwich will be too much work, so she decided to have some cookies instead
During the sunny afternoon, Pusheen and her sister, Lindy, decided to go out for a walk to the park.
Before going out, Lindy realized that there were 126 possible routes to get to the park from home
On their way to the park. Pusheen wanted to get some ice-cream to refresh herself since it was a really hot day.
In the ice-cream shop, Pusheen and Lindy noticed that they were allow to pick 3 different flavors of ice-cream per cup of ice-cream. There were 31 different flavors on the board. Lindy said that Pusheen has 4495 combinations of ice-cream since C = 4495
C = 31! / (31-3)! 3
= 31! / 28! 3!
= 31 x 30 x 29 / 3 x 2
= 4495
31 3
The Adventures of
I want
Hello! My name is Pusheen and I am a little curious kitty, who always like to explore the world and learn new things everyday.

31 3
Once in the park, Pusheen and Lindy decided to play hide and seek.
Back home, Pusheen felt hungy and went to look for some snacks. She graped some chips, nutella, cookies, cheez curls and some icream.

. . .
She realized that she has 720 different orders in which she can eat all the snacks.
P = 6! = 720
6 6
She ended up having chips, cookies and some nutella
She thought that she might not be able to eat all those snacks.
She figured out that if she has 3 snacks, she will have 120 different orders to eat her three snacks.

P = 6! / (6-3)!
= 720 / 6
= 120
6 3
Pusheen chose to have strawberry, choco-mint, and blackberry ice-cream on an ice-cream cone
Lindy recognized that the probability of Pusheen hiding next to a pumpkin will be 33% considering there were 3 hiding spots.
P(A) = n(A)/n(S)
= 1/3
After playing for while in the park, Pusheen and Lindy felt few drops of water on their heads. Pusheen though that there might be a 85% probability of rain since the weather from the past 3 days was rainy.

Lets play at home!
Lindy suggested to go home and play indoors instead. So, Pusheen and Lindy went back home.
Lindy tried over and over again to wake Pusheen up, but she failed every time she tried.

After eating too much, Pusheen fell asleep, but Lindy wanted to play with Pusheen
After many failed trials to wake Pusheen up, Lindy was getting hungry. So she decided to toss a coin to decided whether she'll keep trying to wake her sister up or she'll just play by herself. Heads was for waking Pusheen up, and tails was for playing alone. At the same time, she rolled a die to figure out whether she'll have a salad or a slice of pizza as a snack. An even number was for a salad and an odd number was a for a slice of pizza
She found that she has a 25% probability of her playing alone and having pizza.
A = Playing alone
B = Having pizza
P(A) = 1/2
P(B) = 3/6 = 1/2
P(A and B) = (1/2)(1/2)
= 1/4
= 25%
She also though that if she has to play alone and has some pizza. She will have a 50% chance of choosing a slice of peperoni pizza
P(BlA) =


= 0.5 = 50%
P(A and B)
Lindy came to the conclusion that she won't bother Pusheen anymore since she looked really tired. Instead, Lindy decided to use her imagination while playing to "The Kitten Adventures with Lindy"
While digging in a purse, she found 18 colorful candies with two different shapes. She took them out of the purse and sort them out. She found out that there were 9 circle candies and 9 star-shaped candies, but she just wanted to take the green candies since green was her favorite color.
She noticed that she will have a total of 5 green candies out of the 18 candies she found.
Continuing Lindy's adventure, it seemed that a creature was approaching to the place where Lindy found the treasure.
. . .
But it was Pusheen who just woke up from her nap...
After such a long and adventurous day...
Pusheen suggested to toast for another magnificent day of new adventures and for all the new things they learned about probability!
the end
Mrs. Heida
Lucy Liu
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