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Aphrodite- The goddess of Love and Beauty

Raine Butanas

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Aphrodite

Aphrodite- The Goddess Of Love and Beauty Aphrodite was born of sea-foam. Her parents are Zeus,the King of the Gods and Dione, a Titan Goddess. She was the goddess of love and beauty. Her symbols are the dove,rose,myrtle tree and the swan. Her Greek name is Venus. This name was chosen for her because of their similarities. Her beauty was so divine that she had so many admirers but she rejected those admirers. Zeus knew this and he had a plan. His plan was for Aphrodite to be married to Hephaestus, an ugly craftman.Others say it was Hera's idea, to punish Aphrodite. She was known to punish Zeus children with other women. Hephaestus was ugly but good-natured. To please Aphrodite, he built her a palace but still, Aphrodite was still unhappy. She left him for Ares, the God Of War. Aphrodite's unfaithfulness and adultery infuriated Hephaestus. So, he revealed Aphrodite and Ares's doings. Zeus heard of this and he arranged a marriage for Aphrodite and Anchises. They had a son named Aneas- The founder of Rome. Also, one of Aphrodite's popular son was Eros, the God of love. He is also known as Cupid and he is his mother's favorite son. EVERYONE was invited to Thetis and Peleus's wedding except Eris: the annoying and dangerous sidekick of Ares and the goddess of Discord and Strife. Of course, she decided to go anyway and she was MAD!!!!! She brought had brought with her the shiny gold apple of Discord. She threw it, between the goddesses Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena. On the apple was incribed the simple words, "to the fairest." They fell for the apple's charm and vanity. All three demanded for the apple but they couldn't reach it. They went to Zeus but Zeus knew better so he passed it to Paris. Hera offered him POWER. Athena offered him wisdom. He waited for Aphrodite. Aphrodite offered him the GREATEST BODY EVER and the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO HIMSELF. Aphrodite filled his mind with lusty images, so, he went for Aphrodite's. She presented him Helen Of Troy but both of them were already married. So, he indeed stealed Helen but not without cost. Thus began THE TROJAN WAR. Eventually, Troy fell and Paris got wounded. His fife could've saved him but refused. She changed her mind but was too late so she hanged herself.

This was also known as the story of the Apple of Discord. We learned something: DON'T EVER MESS WITH ERIS!! Mythology The Judgement of Paris
http://school.eb.com/elementary/search?query=aphrodite&ct=&x=20&y=14 It was very suprising when I first knew that I was gonna be Aphrodite. She was known to be seductive and such! Well, that is her power and her personality. I cannot judge her. She was very beautiful but she used her beauty falsely. Now that is just my opinion. She and I are very different. I can just imagine how she lived and the bad decisions she made. I mean she is just a goddess. No one is perfect. I had fun researching Aphrodite! I learned a lot. We view her as seductive,flirtatious, and rather spoiled but I know she is more than that. I did fathom everything about her. I very much enjoyed this presentation and research. :) Created by Raine Butanas 5A Creator's Note Helen Of Troy Thanks For Watching!!
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