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DPLAfest hackathon

No description

Willow Brugh

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of DPLAfest hackathon

Information about the day
get to know them!
Surely we didn't just solve everything
Other challenges and connections will come up during this work. Add it to the Spark Wall to followup with later - your friendly neighborhood organizers will help make it happen!
In one short sentence, describe
Contacts, other experience, etc
What will this look like? What will go into it? What bottlenecks could get in the way?
2 people from a project describe what they came up with. The other 3 ask questions and help summarize for outside audiences.
Capture connections on the Spark Wall
Remix into groups of 5
Find 2 people you don't know.
Get to know them!
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