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Flower Dissection

No description

Tina Ezzo

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of Flower Dissection

"Flipped" Flower Dissection
Step 1
Watch the following YouTube video on flower dissection. As you watch, pause the video to define all PLANT/FLOWER vocabulary that is discussed on the ISN sheet "Anatomy of a Flower - Prezi."

Continue with coloring of the diagram according to the directions on the ISN sheet.
Step 2
On a SEPARATE SHEET of PLAIN WHITE PAPER, draw a proper science diagram of a flower. (Go back to the rules in your ISN.)

Show and label all reproductive organs discussed in the video. (This will be turned at the beginning of the class determined to be the due date for this activity and scored as PRACTICE.)
Step 3
View the two images about how pollination occurs. Summarize the similarities/differences between the methods in a Venn diagram, followed by ONE summary sentence on the RIGHT SIDE of your ISN.
Have you completed this assignment?
Check List:

1. Did you record and define the vocabulary from the video in your ISN?
2. Did you complete a
science diagram that is ready to turn in?
3. Did you complete a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting different ways pollination occurs in your ISN?
*** If 1-3 are complete, you are ready to participate in flower dissection in class!***
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