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Drinking as a teen

No description

Anna Franceschetti

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Drinking as a teen

Does drinking at a young age correlate with drinking problems? YES! After Prohibition (which ended in 1933) most states instituted that 21 was the minimum legal drinking age.
Between 1970 and 1975 29 states lowered the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) to 18, 19, and 20 (depending on the state).
Scientists started to study the results of lowering the MLDA – especially regarding car crashes which was the #1 cause of teen death.
The studies found that car crashes involving teens increased when the MLDA was lowered. Bit of History: Why Pick on Teens? Alcohol Affects the Teen Brain Differently than the Adult Brain: According to Peter M. Monti,
a professor of medical science: "The adolescent brain is a 'work in progress, It is often referred to as 'plastic' because it is built to acquire information, adapt, and learn. Alcohol, however, can disrupt the adolescent brain's ability to learn life skills. So, not only can heavy drinking during this time get the adolescent into trouble through behavior such as risk taking or drinking and driving, but it can also make the brain less able to learn important life skills that can help one avoid trouble as an adult." Habits
During adolescence the brain is still developing and hormones are changing.

Drinking in the teen years can...
*inturrupt the development of the brain which can lead to
minor mental impairment
*increase the amount of drinking in the future
*result in learning imparments for example:
-A study done on 15 and 16 year olds showed that alcohol
dependent teens had a harder time remembering words
and shapes than nondependent ones.

Those who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely compared to those whose first drink is at 20, to develop a dependence on alcohol at some point in their life. Why Alcohol Can be Harmful to Teens: Teens
- Have a harder time knowing when to stop drinking than adults.
-Often drink to get drunk and tend to binge drink. of drinking differ: Adults -Adults are not perefct but overall tend to drink with more responsibility than teens.
-In general adults purpose of drinking isn't to get drunk or binge drink. Why 21? Research shows that teens react differently to alcohol than adults do. One example of this is they get drunk twice as fast as adults.
Teens have a tendency to binge drink moreso than adults.
Teens have difficulty knowing when to stop drinking.
Having the legal drinking age at 21 protects the developing brain from the effects of alcohol.
Studies in the 1970s showed that car crashes increased significantly among teens when the MLDA was lowered.
Studies also show that when the MLDA is increased the number of alcohol related injuries increased and visa versa. Stay Smart, Wait to Drink! Q: Why does Europe have less alcohol related problems when they have a more relaxed attitude and laws surrounding the drinking age? Myth! Reality A: This is a commonly mistakan In Europe actually has far worse problems surrounding alcohol, specifically binge drinking and drinking to intoxication than the U.S. Because alcohol is more accessible to teens in Europe, there are proportionally more kids who drink than in the U.S. Studies also show that Europe has more problems such as underage drunkness, injury and rape due to alcohol than the U.S. Drinking in Europe Information Sources:

Picture Sources:
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Graph Of Drinking In Europe: http://pn.psychiatryonline.org/content/36/17/10/embed/graphic-1.gif This graph depicts statistics regarding drinking habits of the populations of a few European countries compared to the U.S. Note: this graph isn't specific to teens. Anna Franceschetti
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