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Science Fair Project

No description

Katherine Ortiz

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

Phone and Phone's Charger
Ginger ale
Experimental Design/Procedures
Fill the Bowl with ginger ale
Put apple into the bowl
Plug cord into the apple and phone.
Wait for the results
I will plug my phone into the apple
when it has only 35% of battery life
left. I will wait to see if it charges. If
it does, than i will wait until its battery
life is 100% full.
Independent: Phone

Dependent: Apple/ginger ale

Control Group: Apple/ginger ale

Science Fair Project
By:Katherine Ortiz Section:17 Teacher: Ms. Bell
Can an apple sitting in ginger ale produce enough power to charge a phone?
It is probably impossible since the apple in ginger ale can't produce that kind of energy.
In Conclusion, my phone was not charged
by the apple sitting in ginger ale.
An apple sitting in ginger ale does not produce
enough energy to charge a phone.
In this science fair experiment, i will test
an idea someone put online and try to
prove them wrong. The experiment will
be to see if an apple sitting in ginger ale
can charge a phone.
After completing the experiment, as a result,
my phone was not charged. It did not turn on,
nor was it affected in any way.
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