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Solar powered tour bus

No description

B Moffitt

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Solar powered tour bus

Solar Powered Bus
I decided to go on a tour, playing at one place every month, for a year
I had to plan my
route carefully,
making sure that I
always have at least
180 w/m2 of sun-
light to run
The purpose of my planning is to find out where I will be able to drive the solar powered tour bus . . .
and where I can't
My route is . . .
In January, I play in Florida
In February, I play
in Baja California
In March, I play in Texas
In April, I play in Nebraska
In May, I play in Montana
In June, I play in Washington
In July, I play in Iowa
In August, I
play in Kentucky
In September, I play
in North Carolina
In October, I play in Louisiana

In November, I play in Mexico
In December, I play in Panama
In most places there was a lot
more sun during the summer
And a lot less in the winter
So I started in the south
Then I went North
And ended in the South
I wanted to learn where my solar powered tour bus could travel.
I found out there is more sun light closer to the equator, so I stayed somewhat near it.
I decided to go on a tour, playing at one location every month, for a year
Now I am ready to go on tour
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