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Unfair Treatment of Prisoners

No description

Rosario Herrera

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Unfair Treatment of Prisoners

Unfair Treatment of Prisoners
By: Rosario Herrera
May 12 2014
Period 5
CTE Social Justice & Advocacy
Mr. Nepomuceno

Why this topic????
I chose this topic because
I have family and friends in jail.
Its unfair how people are getting treated in jail.
Field service intro/preview:
Things I did for my field service are:
Planting Justice
Academia Latina
UDHR assembly
Rose Foundation
This image shows the huge increase of prisoners in solitary confinement. Although this graph just goes up to the year 2005, there has not been a decrease of prisoners in SHU. It shows how the system don't care about prisoners in those cells they just put a lot of them in there for the littlest reason.
Why do privately-owned prisons exist?
“Yesterday, the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) released a report chronicling the political strategies of private prison companies ‘working to make money through harsh policies and longer sentences”
Private companies have a lot to do with prisoners having long sentences.
Private companies make money out of prisoners.
Prisoners are 21st century slaves because of a 18 cents day pay.
Private prisons depend on private company’s money, so they need to have a lot of prisoners to make them work.

Research Question:
How have the hunger strikes affect inmates?
“Bill ‘Guero’ Sell, 32 was found dead one week ago inside Corcoran State Prison’s Secure-Housing-Unit (SHU)- a solitary confinement cell. Activists say that Sell’s death was a result of his participation in the California hunger strike…”

Solitary Confinement effects prisoners mentally/physically.
Hunger strikes is the only way prisoners get their voices heard.
Prisoners are dying, all they want is to get rid of solitary confinement

End Group punishment
Abolish the use of debriefing
End Solitary Confinement
Provide adequate food
Expand programing & privileges

Why Hunger Strikes?
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