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Always connected

Some brainstorming about the future of Google Glass and Implantats

Pascal Büttiker

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Always connected

P.Büttiker Always connected Implants
/ Augmentations What does this mean for the future? Forbiding GLASS and Co ...

... moves only a yet unsolved problem. Internet is everywhere Always connected > Read the worlds information

> Contribute to the worlds information Opportunities > Improve information handling > Improve social connection > More natural way of Human-Computer interface Risks > Privacy reduced > Google & Co knows everything you see Google Glass is an accessory. One can forbid its usage. But whats about... Augmentation
/ Implants > Already possible (medicine)

> Simulate visuals Opportunities > Supersede human abilities Risks > Humans with implants may
outtake non augmented ones. - Physically: "zoom view", Strength - Knowledge database always available - Augmented Humans may all be
connected to each other > New kind of Malware / Viruses.
(Peoples health / life attackable) > Privacy will be further reduced > Implants are PART of the body This is not about
new technologies We can not forbid technical and social evolution. When every human being is connected with each other,
a completly new definition of our social structures will be required. Conclusion > Technology gets closer integrated with humans > It will affect our overall social life. > Changes in laws and behaviors are necessary In the long run, humanity may become much more interconnected and as a result more social > Sharing of feelings
> Combining of individual abilities
> "Cloud thinking" Human evolution coupled / driven by technology? > Share what you see

> Facial recognition
/ dynamic information > People without Glass affected >> Split of society?
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