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El Lisha Mayle

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Essentialism

Essentialism "A philosophy of education that is based on the belief that there is a core curriculum that everyone in the U.S. should learn."
It is teacher centered and is different from the other philosophies because it is centered around the teacher while the students follow direct instruction and standardized testing. Traditional Classroom Desks Face the Board Direct Teaching The teacher is the dispenser of knowledge. Students are taught to work hard at learning. Learning Centers If there were learning centers they would all be in control by the teacher. Learning centers would be used "if they prove to be effective." Classroom Setup * The classroom walls and boards would contain bulletins and pictures of basic facts or literature that the students are learning at the time. Shelves would contain literature and learning tools that have been found effective. These would help students to memorize and remember those basic facts. * Technology would be used to help master facts being taught and to help students be culturally literate. This would still be teacher directed. * Assignments and tests would be an evaluation of the students knowledge or memorization of facts. A key part to Essentialism insists that students clearly exhibit a mastery of content. "Essentialism places the teacher front and center as an intellectual and moral role model." In Conclusion... "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
~ Nelson Mandela

What philosophy will you use in your classroom?
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