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The Dukha People

No description

Sam Zattera

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The Dukha People

The Dukha People
Sam Zattera
Dukha Culture
There are no laws or regulations giving the Dukha the right to the land they have held for generations Laws do get in the way of their lifestyle however, as traditional activities conducted by them are sometimes viewed as poaching. Meanwhile tourism disrupts their activities while mining and resource collecting depleted their land
Relationship with Land
-roughly 37 families remain, each with between 20 and 180 head of reindeer




Less than 400 (some sources say 200) Dukha people remain
Currently only live in northern Mongolia's Hovsgol Province
-nomadic hunter gatherers
-3 essentials: milk, cheese, and fur
-migrate seasonally with the reindeer
Herd reindeer, have ancestors who fled the soviet union to avoid the state taking their reindeer during collectivization
-known as taigyn irged (citizens of the taiga), or oin irged (citizens of the forest).
-traditions and rituals surround reindeer, who lead the people to new land (internal knowledge and unique)
- behaviors vary between families, but some groups move as many as 10 times a year
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