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Little League Shoulder

No description

Diana Ponce

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Little League Shoulder

Little League Shoulder
(proximal humeral epiphysitis) The overuse injury of the shoulder
This is most common among younger athletes because, the growth plate is not solid bone, it can widen, become swollen and cause pain.
The causes for this are:
improper pitching mechanics
too much throwing
not resting enough
weakness of muscle supporting the shoulder and shoulder blade
playing too much
Rest, Rest and more Rest (until the injury is healed)
After it is healed the athlete works on strengthening the shoulder and back muscles
A "return to throwing" program is developed once athlete is clear to throw.
Not until after this program is the athlete ready for a game.
In extreme cases the athlete might need a x-ray.
It is important to pitch correctly or it will result in a little league shoulder.
The 4 phases of throwing
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By: Diana Ponce
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