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Prom Part 2

No description

Jenny Kimmeskamp

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Prom Part 2

Neon Nights Prom 2013 DANCE AFTER PROM CHA CHA SLIDE Gage Claassen Paige Lewis and Zach Preheim Lyle Leppke and Donna Reiner, spouses of Ann and Steve Ashley Weems, McKenzie Ensminger, Alanis Bishop, Jamie Henry and Joe Partridge Brandon Woodruff, Alyssa Brooks, Cody Navrat and Cierra Foth Jenny Kimmeskamp, Nick Preheim and Karolina Ganko Adam Sheffler, Ashley Weems and Alanis Bishop Alyssa Brooks, Saje Bayes, Ashley Weems, Brianna Larsen, McKenzie Ensminger, Carlee Wentworth, Caroline Beal and Anjelica Winsor Saje Bayes, Jenny Kimmeskamp, Nick Schrock, Karolina Ganko and Cody Partridge Nick Preheim Rylie McDowell Michael George Lucas Larsen Steve and Donna Reiner, Ann and Lyle Leppke Stephanie Lewis and Christian Chastain Paige Lewis Allen McLaughlin Rylie McDowell and Nick Preheim Xavier Jabary Amanda DeNardi, Stephanie Lewis, Michael George, Christian Chastain and Sean Clay Christian Gard Cody Partridge John Liska, Rylie McDowell, Ashley Weems and Gage Claassen The evening continued with a trip to Wichita, on The Party Buss to The Alley for an evening of fun. The Alley provided bowling, go-carts and video games to entertain the PBHS crowd. Fred Winsor, McKenzie Ensminger, Carlee Wentworth McKenzie Ensminger and Brandee Burnett Christian Gard Xavier Jabary and Nick Schrock Mr. Robert Gibson Lucas Larsen Alyssa Brooks Jordan Gibson, Jenny Kimmeskamp, Nick Schrock, Xavier Jabary and Anthony Taylor Brandee Burnett Thomas Davis-Beam and Angelica Winsor Caroline Beal and Kaden Gibson Brandon Woodruff Joe Partridge Brady Logan-Hanan Lucas Larsen Jamie Henry Ashley Weems
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