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Prezi Project - J.P. Taravella Classes

My Class Storyboard

Cristyna Amaya

on 8 September 2009

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Transcript of Prezi Project - J.P. Taravella Classes

Prezi Project - J.P. Taravella Classes Cristyna Amaya
Junior Classes Period 1
Physics Mr. Mcmahon
Room 523 Mrs. Allbritton
Room 811 Period 2
Marine Science 1 Marine Science is a class available to teach and instruct students interested in the life of underwater animals more about our ocean. Period 3
Multimedia Foundation 1 Ms. White
Room 212 Multimedia Foundations is a class that involves further instruction on the develpoment of web pages. Period 4
Interior Design Interior Design is a class that focus's on the creations
and visual designs of art. It teachs you how to
carefully manage color choices in your home decorations.
This class is benefitial in the future decoration
of your home. Mrs. Haynes
Room 325 Period 7
Integrated Math III Mrs. Needham
Room 817 Integrated Math is a class in-between Algebra II and Trigonometry. It reminds you of basic and more difficult skills from Algebra II that is required to move on to Trig. Period 5
American History Honors This class teaches you the background knowledge and important facts and statistics of our history. Mrs. Bond
Room 610 Period 6
AP English III Mrs. Corll
Room 512 AP English III is a college course presented to teach the minds of young students how to handle a college level environment. Physics is a class that helps students better understand topics such as movement and acceleration by using demonstrations and equations to determine answers to any of your questions.
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