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Role of Children in Afghanistan

No description

madison pope

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Role of Children in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, children can be recruited for the military at any age.
Most of these children die in suicide attacks once in the military.
Sexual violence towards children both boys and girls is allowed. There is no law prohibiting the issue.
Health is a major issue in Afghanistan because of doctors being scarce.
Children are very malnourished because of lack of food and good water supply.
Role of Children in Afghanistan
Sixty percent of children in Afghanistan receive a good education.
Most kids are needed to help provide for their families. Since mothers are not able to provide, the children has to take that role.
In Afghanistan, the school system has no structure and the teachers are not as well educated as the ones in the United States.
The role of children in Afghanistan is much different than the role of children in the United States.
Children in Afghanistan have a much harder lifestyle than in the United States.
Afghanistan is known as the second poorest country in the world and the life expectancy is very low.
Half of the population ranges from the ages of zero to fourteen.
Child Labor
The issue of child labor is rising in Afghanistan due to the lack of profit earned by the parents.
Children are expected to have jobs to help support the families needs.
When children are on the job, they are exposed to crime and are treated very poorly.
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