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Saint Rose of Lima

Saints project

Maggie G.

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Saint Rose of Lima

Saints Project St. Rose of Lima Why did you choose your Saint? St. Rose of Lima is a great role model to me. When I read her story I was amazed by everything she did and accomplished. The main reason I choose her is because I think she is an inspiration to many. How would you apply the qualities/characteristics of your Saint to your everyday life? What qualities/characteristics do you admire about your Saint? This project has led me to learn some important facts and qualities. I think St. Rose was an amazing person, and I would love to be more like her. She really inspired me with her story and her faith. I hope that you enjoyed my presentation, and thank you for your attention. I admire a lot about St. Rose. She was good and helpful to her parents. Her family lived in poverty, St. Rose worked day and night to help them trough. She was very obedient to them and did what she could to make them smile. My Saint has many characteristics that I would like to apply to my daily life. I would like to be more caring like her. She always helped those in need. It's important to give a hand to people who are suffering to get back up. That's what St. Rose mostly did and I will try to take her example and follow it.
St. Rose often wore a crown of roses and thorns. She was symbolized by it. Her maid was amazed by her beauty, and exclaimed she looked like a Rose. She took the name Rose at the age of 14 when she had her confirmation. St. Rose often did embroidery with flower design. Her full name is St. Rose Of Lima.
She was born on April 20, 1586. In Lima, Peru. After only 31 years she died on August 24, 1617. We remember the impact she made in this world on August 23. She was canonized on April 2, 1671. She was the first Saint of the New World. She was extremely helpful to those in need. Whenever she talked about Jesus her eyes sparkled. The devil tempted St. Rose many times. However through times of loneliness she leaned on God. Her love for Jesus was extreme. She was connected with Jesus and God at a young age. Maggie Ganame Personal Life Saint Rose of Lima is the saint I have choosen to do my project on. I have also choosen her as my role model in this religious stage in my life. I have learned alot troughout this project. I hope that you will find out something intresting. Enjoy! Also she was a very happy person even though she didn't always get what she wanted, but she had what she needed. Sometimes I complain that I don't have enough materials. I can learn from St. Rose that you don't need everything to be happy, if you have love it's enough. I will do my best to incorporate some of the qualities St. Rose had and use them in my everyday life. I admire her and found it interesting to learn more and have her as an example trough this stage in my religion. Also she was very joyful even though she wasn't as lucky in some aspects, but she was still thankful for what she had. St. Rose is a Saint that to me stands out. Another reason I look up to St. Rose is because she look at inner beauty more than outer. She was a beautiful woman, whom everyone admired. However people didn't pay attention to her inner beauty. Therefore she used pepper on her face, and cut off her hair. Also St. Rose devoted her life to help with charity. She helped the homeless and the sick in her house. I value and look up to the way she lived and looked at life. She was the Patron Saint of multiple things.
Such as florists, gardens, Peru, Central and South America, the Philippines, and India. At the age of 5 her mother tried to teach her how to read and write, but Rose found it too hard and wasn't able to learn. After she went up to a statue of Jesus, where she prayed and asked to learn how to read and write. The next Moring she went up to her mother and told her she was able to read & write. Her mother didn't believe her, then she brought a book of St. Catherine of Siena and read it on her own to proof it. Patron Saint Cananazation Symbol Information
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