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Students - Using Prezi to Make Your Presentations Sizzle

@leaton http://www.lanceeaton.com

Lance Eaton

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Students - Using Prezi to Make Your Presentations Sizzle

Using Prezi to Make your Presentations Sizzle
by Lance Eaton
1. Introduction
2. Explanation
3. Examples

What is your interest in Prezi?
Lance Eaton
Academic Technology/IDS/History/English
Makes me think differently about presenting information
3-Dimensional Presentation tool that is free to use and (relatively) easy to use.
It's Free (more benefits with school account)
It's Easy to learn (Click, Point, Drag, Drop)
It can be single use or collaborative.
It's visually appealing.
(Ok, at times, nauseating)
It can upload and integrate powerpoint presentations.
Challenges With Prezi
Limited Space
Web browsers get clunky.
Easy to learn, but takes planning to execute well.
What can you use Prezi for?
What have you seen it used for?
1. Standard Presentation (like powerpoint)
Convey information With movement
2. Conveying linear based-ideas
(e.g. stories, processes, formulas)
3. Convey nonlinear ideas
(e.g elements of a story,
features of a culture,
grouping concepts,
elements of a picture)
4. Visualize integrated concepts
Mistake usage for relevance
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