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just as long as were together

No description

mayly willey

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of just as long as were together

Just As long As We're Together by Judy Blume School About Alison bake sale Stephanie met Alison when she was walking to the a pond that she lives near and she saw Alison. At first she thought she was the same age as her little who is ten because of how short she was, then she started telling her about herself like that her last name was frenchand she is turning third-teen in April. While Rachel was working on her speech for the debating team, Alison and Stephanie go to a lady named Sadie Wishnik's house to bake brownies for the bake sale they are having to raise money for there school ground hog day dance dance. Stephanie and Rachel have been best friends since second grade, now there in the seventh grade but there is one new student that they already met and her name is Alison Monceau. Halloween for Halloween Alison, Stephanie and Rachel all dress up together as Macbeth by William Shakespeare for Halloween and instead of saying "trick or treat" they are going to say the poem from the play, Double double toil and troube; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. problem uh oh! Stephanie's parents are separated and Stephanie has be getting very stressed and has been gaining a lot of weight. she is very mad at her dad and she wont do anything with him. TEXT TO WORLD TEXT TO SELF This same problem could happen to any one
in the world. In the book Alison has a dog and so do I.
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