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aimon syeda

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of FORMING

During this stage, most team members are positive and polite while others are anxious, because they may not understand work there is to do.

The leader, is the dominant player in this stage, because roles and responsibilities aren't clear.

This stage happens while people start to work together and get to know their teammates (MindTools, n.d.).
Personality Types
Takes charge. Problem solver. Competitive. Enjoys change. Confrontational.

Optimistic. Energetic. Motivators. Future oriented.

Golden Retriever:
Warm & Relational. Loyal. Enjoys Routine. Peace-Maker. Sensitive Feelings.

Accurate and precise. Quality control. Discerning. Analytical. (Smalley Institute, n.d.).
Our Group - Main Personalities
Irina: Lion, Otter and Golden Retriever

Julia: Lion and Golden Retriever

Sadie: Otter

Aimon: Lion and Otter

Selina: Golden Retriever

Assignment 5 : Group Presentation

Was a collaborative effort within the team
Irina suggested that each member take an assignment to talk about.
Aimon suggested we use prezi.
Selina suggested Kahoot
Sadie helped post photos in the prezi
We all aimed to meet the deadline so that Julia and Aimon could edit the handout and finish the Prezi

Assignment 3 - Team Building Exercise

The Riddle Room
We went to a board game cafe and sucessfully did a Doctor themed Esacape room and played 2 board game.
We first did the escape room which helped us work together as a group
Then we played 2 different board game which got us laughing and allowed us to get to know each other

Personality Type: Otter
Assignment 4 - Case Studies

Main assignment that could have potentially caused a conflict but we were able to form together as a group and successfully cmplete it
We were able to communicate and split tasks ahead of time
Everyone did one essay each (Aimon/Julia split one essay +editors)
We all discussed prior to due date who chose which agencies to avoid overlap
Everyone finised early ad uploadedo backbard so I culd mke ay edits and suggestions and then resubmited a god copy.

Personaity: Lion + Otter

Positive : Strong, like to take charge and help out
(ended up editing most of the assignments)
Negative: Distracted with other lions rather then in conflict
Assignment 1: group goals

Assignment was completed very well
We came up with our goals through disscusion and wrote out a rough copy as a group
we agreed on all of the group goals ( ex. punctuality, completing assignments on the set dates)
This was a great assignment because it outlined all of our due dates and meetings that once we signed off on, we were entitled to keep
This created a great structure for our group and helped us realize we had many similiar goals to complete by the end of the semester
The completed group goals assignment was more successful, because we had more experience and we were able to look back and reflect on what we did well and what needed to be improved.
Thank You!
Group 7
Aimon, Irinia, Selina, Julia, Sadie

MindTools. (n.d.). Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Understanding the Stages of Team Formation. Retrieved from https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_86.htm

Smalley Institute. (n.d.). Personality Test. Retrieved from http://smalley.cc/images/Personality-Test.pdf
Julia - Personality
Golden Retriever

Good at keeping peace and avoiding conflict
I enjoy routine and strict due-date schedules

I do not like to counter-argue someone's opinion to avoid conflict
I worry when an assignment is not completed close to the due date, but people have different work ethics

Lion and Golden Retriever mix

I felt like both my personalities worked well together escpecially within the group
Positive: Even though there were 2 other Lions in the group, we got along well and were able to work together to get our work done
I was able to take responsibility for my work

Negative: However, as two lions we both worked together a lot but also got distracted quite often.
sometimes I did not want to counter-argue someone's opinion to avoid conflict
The 3 Lions of the group
Assignment 6 - Completed Learning Contract

Luckily we kept track of our progress on a weekly basis
When meetings occured, work got completed and decisions were made, we updated the contract
When it came time to hand in the assignment, we were almost already done
Mini Vidoes from the Escape Room
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