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I Am Number Four

No description

anya thumma

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of I Am Number Four

The theme is: To always be loyal to those you care about, fight for what you believe in, and never lose hope.
1.) "...I hear another wall crumble." (Lore, 387) - personification
2.)"I dont let any of them fall to the ground; instead I keep them suspended,collectively looking like a cloud of dust hovering in midair." (Lore, 264) - Simile
3.) " The branch must be 20 feet long!" (Lore, 265) - Hyperbole
4.) "Fireworks that segue to something else, louder, more menacing, the oohs and aahs turning to shrieks and screams." (Lore, 277) - Onomatopoeia
5.) " My lungs are burning" (Lore, 265) - Hyperbole
6.) " ...it becomes a blur like the blades of a spinning fan" (Lore, 387) -simile
7.) "Wind from the the open window rushes into the home economics room." (Lore, 367) - Personification
8.) " Loud pounding thunder that makes Sarah jump each time" (Lore, 378)-personification
9.) " I hear the th-tump of his beating heart." (Lore, 415) - Onomatopoeia
10.) " Six"s unseen hand and spiked the to the ground like a football" (Lore, 386) -Simile
I Am Number Four
By Pittacus Lore
" Bernie Kosar is being bitten and choked, about to die, and there isn't a thing I can do about it. I would sacrifice my own life for his" (Lore, 408).
" I have a real friend for the first time in my life. A friend who knows what I am and isn't scared,doesn't think I'm a freak. A friend who is willing to fight with me, and go into danger with me." (Lore, 257).
" 'Hope?' he says, 'There is always hope, John. New developments have yet to present themselves. Not all the information is in. No. Don't give up hope just yet. It's the last thing to go. When you have lost all hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope' " (Lore, 124)
" 'Thank you for saving my life. I don't what you are or where your from. To me you're John, the boy I love' " (Lore, 318).
" 'You are my life kiddo. You and my memories are my only ties to the past. Without you I have nothing. That's the truth' " (Lore, 172).
The main character, John Smith, comes from the planet Lorien. He is a Garde member and his gaurdian, Henri, is a Cepan. They both move to Paradise, Ohio in order to be undetected by the Mogadorians. John is the fourth of nine garde members who are the protectors of the Lorien race. While John is developing his legacies, Sarah becomes his girlfriend and Sam becomes his best friend. These are the only two people who know what John really is. At the same time John gets bullied by Mark James.
Later, the Mogadorians find John and they battle at their school. Mark and Sarah hide inside the school while John, Henri, Sam and Six fight the battle. Henri dies in the battle. At the end of the book Six, Sam, John, and Bernie Kosar leave town to avoid more Mogadorians.

I Am Number Four
1. Both of the books
are science fiction.
2. In both of the books
an important person
related to the main
character dies.
3. In I Am Number Four
and Divergent the main
characters have a hard
time figuring out there
true friends.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. It had a good plot and descriptive language, The climax was really exciting and suspenseful. The only thing I didn't like was that the climax was at the very end of the book. There were also some slow parts but other than that it was a really good book. I would recommend this book to anyone up for a good read!
I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars! I Am Number Four was a well written book, and used many writing techniques. All the characters were unique and the book had a strong theme, that taught me valuable lessons. This book kept me on my toes and I would recommend many people to read this book. The beginning of the book was slow with no action but later on it gets better. This book is one of the best science fiction book I have ever read!
1. The book Divergent is based on a made up, futuristic society.
2. The book Divergent has characters that are all humans.
3. The book Divergent takes place in the future.
4. In Divergent, the people are divided into
5 groups based on their personality.
1. I Am Number Four is
based on a present
day society.
2. I Am Number Four
has alien characters
that are made up.
3. I Am Number Four
takes place in the present
4. In I Am Number Four,
the people are not divided.
They all are part of one group.
I think the book could be improved by giving Sarah a more significant role in Four's life. She was mentioned a lot, but she didn't have a important role in the book. Another suggestion that would make the book better would be to include more action. Almost all the action is at the very end of the book. I think it should be more evenly distributed, so the middle of the book isn't boring.
I think the book
I Am Number Four
can be improved by not having the guardian of Four, Henri dying. Henri was an important character in the book, and if he was still alive this would have helped Four. Another suggestion for the book is I wish that they would have given us more information about the planet that Four came from (Lorien). This would help us have a better understanding of the book, and the past. Also the book could have been better if they told about Four's father and the impact he had on Lorien.
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