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Digital Literacy

No description

Abi a

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Digital Literacy

About my Survey and My Results
What is Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy

Web research
A few top social networking apps:
Digital Literacy is how to access, evaluate and create information online and electronic sources
My survey was about online habits and how people use the interenet and how they come up with username and there privacy e.c.t.

My result were nearly all the same most of them were the same since the people had social media would have the same experience and some did not.
Instagram Facts
∞ In September 2013 over 150 million users were active!
∞ In October 2014 there was over 300 million monthly users that were active!
∞ 9% of teenage girls on Instagram have claimed that they have been bullied on this app.
Whatsapp facts
∞ Facebook bought Whatsapp on February 20th 2014
∞ Whatsapp say they are adding 1 million users everyday
∞ In December 2013 it was claimed that there was 450 million people using whatsapp
∞ Whatsapp is the 5th main app dowloaded on android
Snapchat facts
∞ There are 100 million monthly active users on snapchat
∞ 25% percent of snapchat users are from the
∞ On October 6th 2010 Instagram launched the I Phone app
∞ By December 2010 they had 1 million registered users
∞ Whatsapp was founded in 2009
∞ Around 400 million snaps are taken per day
∞ 5% of the selfies on all the social media belong to snapchat!
∞ 18% of IPhone users have installed snapchat
Vine Facts
∞ Every second 5 vine posts are posted
∞ The name vine is short "vignette" which
means '
∞ Between 10am and 11am is the time that vines are most published.
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