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how to make spagetti

No description

mekayla dionne

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of how to make spagetti

How to make spaghetti:) If you want to have a awesome, delicious dinner
but your not sure what to eat, then follow this
procedure and you will learn to make the best
spaghetti dinner. You will need: spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce a small pot A strainer/collinder a spoon (for mixing) A stove A big pot Steps: Step one: First get a big spaghetti pot and
fill it 3/4 up with water.Then
place the pot of water onto the burner and turn it on high Step two: Second you wait until the water is boiling then pour in a table spoon of vegtable oil (to keep the noodles from sticking)then pour in the spaghetti noodles . Step three: Then get a smaller pot and put your spaghetti sauce in and turn the burner to low,add spices if you want. Step four: Once the noodles are almost done turn the spaghetti sauce up to medium Step five: When the noodles are soft and cooked,drain the water from the pot using the collinder/strainer,then rinse the noodles with cold water to get the starch off. Step six SERVE!:) If the spaghetti tastes delicious amd you went back for seconds then you definitly followed this procedure right,now you know how to make spaghetti!
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