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SSLD Preview

A brief description of the SSLD (Strategies and Skills Learning and Development) System

Ka Tat Tsang

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of SSLD Preview

OMG! I have a problem! Too Good To Be True? This can mean one or more of the following: SSLD (Strategies and Skills Learning and Development) is a learning system that has been applied to deal with a wide range of human problem situations. Problem Translation Human problem situations can usually be understood in terms of Needs. How do we translate problems into goals? When we master more effective strategies and skills to address our needs, we do not have to rely on the old methods (e.g., doing drugs, violence). Learning and Developing Strategies and Skills SSLD is created by Dr. A. Ka Tat Tsang Problems usually reflect unmet needs. A person doing drugs is using drugs to address his/her needs: reduce stress, obtain pleasure, gain peer acceptance, ease emotional pain. A man who beats his wife needs security, self-esteem, intimacy, control over his relationships, but does not know how to deal with them When people do not have better means to address these needs, they will keep using the same tricks, even when they are not very effective, or create problems. When we gain a better understanding of the needs, we will be able to set realistic goals. Then we can learn and develop new strategies and skills to address our needs and attain our goals. With SSLD, we expand our range of options, and therefore our capacity to deal with problems and challenges in our life. We will achieve our desired goals in life, address our needs, and solve our problems. This is accomplished by learning to think and take action in a different way. SSLD Practitioners are trained to help you analyze your problem, gain a better understanding of your needs, set realistic goals, and to achieve them systematically through learning and developing strategies and skills. SSLD has been applied to many areas of human service, including social work, psychotherapy, counseling, health education, human resource, management training, organizational development, community development, etc., in many countries. We believe that people can learn to change their lives. You can start living your life differently now! For more information, visit: http://ssld.kttsang.com/ (1) something you did not expect has happened, (2) you do not have what it takes to deal with the situation, (3) you are not getting what you want, (4) what you have, what you are doing, or who you are is threatened, (5) you do not know what the hell is happening. The first step in managing a problem is to translate it into something manageable. In SSLD, we translate problems into goals to be attained.
Over decades of practice, SSLD practitioners have learned that most human problems and goals in life are related to unmet human needs.
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