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Alana Salgado Yesenia Lainez

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Alana Salgado Yesenia Lainez

Alana Salgado & Yesenia Lainez
Victor h. Espinoza showed sacrifice when him and his unit were pinned down by enemy fire. Espinoza charged toward the enemy, firing his rifle and throwing grenades.
Victor showed patriotism by risking his life for his country. He sacrificed himself and took out a machine gun and its crew.
Victor showed valor by taking a risk and leaving safety to help save his country.
In the veitnam war Benvidaz jumpd from a helicopter with only his first aid kit and armed only with his hand knife. Wounded 37 times Benavidez continued to run through the enemys territory to save the wounded. He saved many lives. Benavidez sacrificed his life to saves others.
Benavidez showed valor by sacrificing his life to save his country and the people.
victor shows honor by taking one for the team and risking his life. He showed courage and sacrifice in his gallantry in action.
The honor that Benavidez had was that he beacme the Master Sargeant. Becoming Master Sargeant is an honor because to become one you must show various quaities that many people do not show.
Benavidez showed patriotism by fighting in the vietnam war for the United States. And to keep everyone living in the U.S free
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