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Filipino Physicists and their inventions

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Lou Tan

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Filipino Physicists and their inventions

Gregorio Y. Zara
Henry Jacala Ramos
Filipino Physicists and their inventions
He is responsible for the discovery of geothermal energy in the country. He was the chief volcanologist of the newly established commission on volcanology in 1953. This project was realized on April 12, 1967 when he was able to set up a working model in Cala, Tiwi Albay. It was because of his discovery that the electric bulb was lighted for the first time in the Philippine history using geothermal energy.
He applied lots of principles of physics. His invention include the following: electronic mosquito repellant, electronic door opener, burglar alarm, solar pump, solar desanilation devices, solar energy converting device, improved portable thresher, anti air pollution device for motor vehicles, earth boring device and remote control.
Gregorio Y. Zara was a Filipino engineer
and physicist. He was the inventor of the
first two-way videophone. He was born on March 8, 1902 at Lipa, Batangas and he died on October 15, 1978 at the aged of 76.
Dr. Henry J. Ramos is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of Plasma science. Dr. Ramos used plasma technology, a high-energy gas, in developing state-of-the-art yet comparatively inexpensive coating technology for cutting tools in metal, wood and plastic items in construction supplies, car and computer parts, and many others. His low-temperature coating technology can deposit either a gold luster titanium nitride or a diamond-like thin film on metal substrates like knives, scissors, and drill bits that extend the lifetime of a device three to five times.
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