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Generation Merr1mack

No description

Tia Roy

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Generation Merr1mack

A Year in Review
Mentor Recognition
Mentor Recognition
Mentor Recognition
Generation Merr1mack initially started with a goal and mission to support first year, first generation college students at Merrimack College to provide a successful transition into the college world.

Generation Merr1mack has grown immensely in the last two years to provide support to all first generation college students on campus, provide academic, social and career preparation services for students and to team with members of the Merrimack College Community and external community to grow and expand a mission and a dream.
It is crucial that we acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the success of Generation Merr1mack, and who has shown an interest and deep passion in supporting first generation college students.
Our Generation Merr1mack Peer Mentors have worked extremely hard during the past year becoming a valuable resource and connection for their cohort of students and being a proud representation of Generation Merr1mack & the O'Brien Center for Student Success.
Megan Packard
Athletic Training
Brittney Hale
Business: Marketing
Sammy O'Rourke
Closing Ceremony: Tuesday, April 29th


Mentor Recognition
Erika Campbell
Sports Medicine
Mentor Recognition
Ashley Pezzone
Accounting & Management
MC Graduate Student M.Ed Higher Education
Dedicated Generation Merr1mack Peer Mentor
Sophomore Component Assistant
Technology Expert & Research Specialist
Harry Rumble
Amanda Brian
MC Graduate Student M.Ed Higher Education
Generation Merr1mack Social Event Chair
Tara Strong
Generation Merr1mack has grown tremendously in the past year due to the innovative ideas, productivity and motivation of Tara Strong.

Her contributions have substantially developed Generation Merr1mack and future initiatives.
Tara created the
Generation Merr1mack Visibility Video
As we continue...
Dr. Heather Maietta
O'Brien Center for Student Success Staff
Sara Quagliaroli:
Academic Workshops
Kevin Salemme:
Generation Merr1mack Visibility Video, Mentor Professional Pictures
Allison Pukala:
Student Involvement Collaboration
Kathy Vaillancourt:
Study Abroad & Being First Gen
Ray Shaw:
Grit Presentation & Grit Research
Kathy St. Hilaire:
Importance of Connections
Kristen English:
Financial Literacy

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