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Discourse Community

No description

Melanie Zinser

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Discourse Community

The importance of being literate Members of this group include college students who express a wide interest in collegiate affairs, love to work in diverse settings, and are comfortable responding to alcohol and substance use within the dorm environment on campus. Who belongs in this group? Resident advisors ensure a safe, organized and fun environment for all students to enjoy. The purpose is carried out through weekly staff meetings to go over safety precautions, meetings with residents on each floor, as well as various programs that are designed to include students of any race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. Functions of this Community
and it's purpose Hierarchy Resident Coordinator
Resident Assistant Coordinator
Personal Inquiries Assistant
Resident Advisor
Desk Staff Workers Initiation Rituals for RA Resident Advisors must go through a grueling two week training including safety rules, fire codes and hazards, tornado drills, safety areas, lock downs, and learning how to handle various substance use situations that range from alcohol to marijuana. This is a formal ritual because everyone must go through the process in order to become a resident advisor. This training is also mandatory for all staff members before the beginning of the school year. Due to the fact that all resident advisors are of collegiate experience it is important that members understand what is going on with both the hierarchy and their residents. This includes communicating via weekly emails and verbal communication with the boss and students. Consequences include adequately or inadequately effectively communicating with residents, co-workers, and the hierarchy. Discourse Community Resident Adivsor This is a Formal Hierarchy of membership Genres of Communication Genres of communication include verbal
communication, email, cell phones (texting)
and room forms.
The most persuasive form of communication is
verbal communication because it effectively
evokes feeling and facial expressions
that get the message across Members and Imposters Members of this community are not easily separated from the rest of the college community. Since they have no specific uniform to wear while on the job, Resident advisors are dressed similar to normal college students. The only way to distinguish the RA from residents in the building is at the beginning of the year at the introductory meeting where residents are able to identify their RA Imposters would only be noticeable to the Resident Advisors since they know who is on the staff and who is not. This would be handled by excluding the imposter and being socially removed from all activities involving residential advising staff. BE A MEMBER! To become a member a student must first go through the application process. Once that has been settled and they have at least a 2.5 gpa at the university and is not under academic probation, then they may proceed to a group interview process and an individual presentation. This determines how well an individual is able to connect with others and how they would handle certain situations in the residence hall. If they pass this stage, they are then either offered an RA position or are put into the pool in case a position opens up throughout the year.
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