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No description

Josh Bond

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Shackleton

The Endurance

“Shackleton afloat was more likeable than Shackleton ashore” (physicist, Reginald James)

Crew surprised how he interacted with them. Gave him the name “Boss”.

Small talks and interactions with everyone on the boat.

Demanded Unquestioned Loyalty and responsiveness

First Weeks on Board

Dani James
Josh Bond
Mazen Aboufakhr

Crew Selection
McNish the carpenter
Designating backup plan people

Preparing the James Caird

Right or wrong to leave Elephant soon after arriving?
Breaking up the crew
Using the James Caird
What if…..?
Is his leadership legacy damaged?
Short stay

Ice cracked underneath them
What was the motivation behind allowing for hot milk and small portions of food?
Attempt to reach Elephant Island
Why did he choose the Worsley and Hudson to lead the other boats?
Changed destination four times- desperate act to get men to shore?

Into the Boats
Still continued to keep busy
Only 42 more days left of food rations
Deeply disturbing events
Should they have kept any of the dogs alive for companionship?

Patience Camp
How do you think this affected the morale of the crew?
Drifted off course
Decided to march again- with mixed emotions
How would you motivate exhausted and discouraged workers?
Shackleton’s “incentive” plan

Endurance Sinks

Continue daily duties
Assigned a strong leader for each tent
Why was it important to have a energetic leader for each tent?

Ocean Camp

Inexperienced in trekking in polar conditions
Option to wait it out on a floe
Confer with Wild, Worsley, and Hurley
Would you have made the safer call or risk for potential rewards?
Do you think this trek wore out his men’s spirits faster?


Stayed as long as possible
Would you have left the vessel before it flooded?
What was the purpose to wait?
Do you think there was an alternative motive for early rising to start breakfast?

Abandon Ship!
Healthy competition with a purpose

Bonding activity

How to get people with different backgrounds to agree on a common value?
Handling Forced Associations

Kept ordinary duties

Was this strategy effective?

Importance of maintaining consistency?

Boredom or survival?

Maintaining Routine

January 10 ,1915 Crew spotted Antarctic Land.

Commander did not stop instead ordered to proceed 200 more miles to cut the walking distance short.

Endurance Approached the desired destination and got stock 80 miles short of the shore.

They were ever able to see the landing point.

Arriving to destination

Wild became Shackleton’s foreman. NO arguing or negotiating with the Boss.

Wild would let them vent to him, about their frustrations.

Men kept in the dark about the advice he got in South Georgia.

By Christmas ever, boat was stuck on ice. Boss orders a Christmas celebration and party.

Men dug the boat out in new years ever.

First Weeks on board

The Composition Cake. (Major General Wilfred Beveridge) an expert in chemical research. 3000 calories a piece.

Quality of equipment and clothing for the journey. Latest Technology in polar wear and equipment.

Windproof Burberry coats
Fur-lined sleeping bags
Sturdy tents
Close to 210K with today's dollars.

Supplies for the Trip

1907 new Trip

Shackleton the commander of it

On board of the Nimrod

2 years long

Beat Scott's record 350 miles, within 100 miles of the pole

Frostbites, hunger

Made decision to return back home

Change in character, leadership signs

2nd Attempt

Shackleton worked on a Naval Ship transporting soldiers to South Africa

Shackleton immediately earned the respect of this colleagues

Reputation for modesty and reliability

Earned him an Officer position on board

Met Cedric Longstaff, son of Llewellyn Longstaff

Got introduced, then met with Llewellyn who was preparing for an Antarctic Trip

Naval Officer

Egoistic ?

What type of Leader was Shackelton?

World War 1 about to start, Shackleton offered to turn the entire expedition to the military, Churchill asked him to proceed.

“There are hundreds of thousands of men that could go to war, but there are not that many that could do my job”. Ernest Shackleton

Last Minute Changes:
Restructure Chain of command (Worsley)

Fire 3 sailors for being drunk

Get the Dogs from Canada, without trainer

Head to South Georgia from Buenos Aires

Wait for Ice Packs to melt, leave after a month given that the Ice Pack never changed.

Setting Sail

Men wanted hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.
5000 applicants responded
Categorized under MAD, HOPELESS, POSSIBLE.

Sense of Humor
Quick Wit

The Crew of the Endurance

Transcontinental Journey from sea to sea

2 ships to Weddell Sea deposit a crew of 6 men. They would cross the land to the Ross Sea.

Second ship would sail straight to the Ross Sea, to bring in supplies for the second half of the journey.

Weddell sea infamous for large unpredictable ice floes.

Crossing Antarctica required a 1500 mile hike.

Majority of the routes proposed never been explored before.

The Endurance

Lack of experience

Shortage of food

Illness of crew

Shackleton and Scott disagreed on many issues including speed, directions, and routes to take.

Trip Failed but they succeeded in coming within 450 miles of the pole

First Attempt 1901-1902

The commander of the National Antarctic Expedition.

Major at the Royal Navy

Experienced Seaman

Never Seen Ice Packs before

Did not have any skiing experience

Major Robert Scott

Born to Anglo-Irish Family in 1875.

Middle class Family

Family Expected him to be a Doctor

Wanted to work at sea, at age 16

Got a job as a Deck Boy on a merchant Ship

Quick Learner, and hard worker

Several promotions, become a commander at 24

Early Life

2 years after Shackleton's attempt Roald Amundsen (Norway) won the race to the South Pole in 1911.

2 months later Robert Scott, but he never made it back home with his 4 crew members.

Mission Accomplished ?

Kept a finger on their pulses
Ordered hot milk from own ration
Another example of leadership change?

Long shot
One shot at climbing this? VS. staying on the James Caird?

South Georgia
The Great Journey of Ernest Shackleton

Shackletons EQ with Worsley and Crean
Played with Psyche of men
Not 1...Not 2...Not 3...
Last gutsy decision....the slide

Peak after peak
Saving his Crew
Never stopped
Turned obsessive
Failed attempts , Begging, Ridicule, and no funding
Glory turns to Death
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