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Steel Wool vs Vinegar Science Fair Project

This is a project that tells how I found out how steel wool reacts to vinegar.

Megan Boyd

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Steel Wool vs Vinegar Science Fair Project

By:Megan Boyd Steel Wool
Vinegar Scientific Question Educated Hypothesis Variables and Controls Methods/Prodecures Collecting the Materials Sloving the Experiment
and Results Conclusion How does steel wool and vinegar react together? How would steel wool with used vinegar react? What would happen if one stayed in vinegar and the other (soaked in vinegar and taken out) was dry? Which would rust more. In this project I believe that the vinegar will have a react on how the steel wool would rust. I also believe that the dry steel wool will have more of a rusty look than the wet steel wool. There are two types of variables which are dependent and independent, plus the controls. In my experiment there are the vinegar, steel wool, and the thermometer. The independent variable is the vinegar. The dependent variable is the steel wool and thermometer. The controlled variable is the two beakers and the thermometer. In order to do my experiment I have to have my experiment. When you collect the materials make sure you put gloves and goggles on the list for safety purposes. The materials are:
Paper Towels
Steel Wool
Two Beakers
One Lid
Thermometer 1.Put on gloves and goggles to protect sensitive skin and eyes.
2.Place steel wool in a beaker
3.Pour vinegar onto both steel wool and allow it to soak in the vinegar for one min.
4.Remove the steel wool and drain any axcess vinegar. https://docs.google.com/a/richland2.org/document/d/1nVVMz77dZ5avJC0Fe91EC8psOIE_reB_16QPNk7BWEQ/edit In conclusion my hypothesis was proven supported. The vinegar did have a react on how the steel wool had rusted.On the second time I used a new steel wool in use vinegar. It had more of a rust. Then I took both steel wools (a and b) and put them in baggies. Steel Wool a was in the used vinegar and steel wool b was not in vinegar. I let it sit for 3 days and steel wool b had the must rust. It was a dark brown color. Resources Mythbuster
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