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ita presentation


Angela Chen

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of ita presentation

Fashion Palette Love this style FOB Start with the classics...Long hoodies/shirts (LSH) (: LSH with skirts/shorts and heels (: This pic:
-red plaid bubble-ish skirt
-red LSH long sleeve
-short jacket
-HEELS LSH w/ boots (: cute, simplest ensemble
nice collar on sweater
average boots /: ooh
-triangle scarf
-short denim jacket
-pleated skirt
2 visible layers somewhat simple
-.__. pants?
-LSH hoody
-semi jacket -many layers on top (sometimes)
-short jacket: chest-high waist
-semi jacket: around higher hip area
-long jacket: waist-below
-boots + long socks bulky jackets simple ensembles: LSH sweater -simple long sweater
-tights? -LSH sweater
-heels -striped sweater
-grey skirt
-heels #2:
-white sweater
-boots intense layering Grids 1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 <3 <3 <3 sweater (:
-knee high More examples: knit baggy sweater shirt-dresses (: -striped shirt + dress shirt layering? or one piece? o_o Simple hoodies ahhh orgasmic xD -dark colors good for formal stuff
-lighter colors cute (: -LSH hoody
-plaid skirt
-boots -white see through
-purple tights + heels (: dont forget the basics
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