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3D Printing

No description

Imogen Allen

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of 3D Printing

Designing A Sustainable Home in Japan Using SketchUp and 3D Printing - Year 6
Your Task (25 mins)
Using the internet, take some notes about Rishiri, Japan, and the customs of Japanese people. Factors to consider:
What is the weather like in Rishiri?
What is the landscape like in Rishiri?
What are some common practices in Japan, for example, sitting on the floor for meals?

Spend some familiarising yourself with this program (15 mins)
Some important tools to try:
'select'; 'eraser'; 'paint bucket'
'line'; 'arc'; 'freehand'
'move'; 'rotate'; 'scale'
'push/pull';'tape measure'
After you have 'played' with SketchUp, you can begin to design your house (20 mins)
Please place your hand up if you need assistance
Lesson 1
The Brief - Design a Sustainable Home in Rishiri, Japan (10 mins)
This is an example of a Japanese house
What is a Sustainable House? (5 mins)
A sustainable home usually has the following features:
Uses recycled materials
The size of the house is appropriate for the amount of people living in it
Has self-generating power: think about solar panels and ground source heat pumps
Lots of natural lighting: big windows and faces North

Each student is required to design one (1) sustainable house using SketchUp and the Makertbot 3D printer. Before you begin designing, you need to consider the following:
What is the weather like in Rishiri?
What is the population of Rishiri and what is the average size of families in Japan?
What is the landscape like in Rishiri
What are some common practices in Japan, for example, sitting on the floor for meals?
What do houses look like in Japan?
Source: hhttps://www.flickr.com/search/?q=japanese+house
Source: http://sustainablehouse.com/what-makes-a-house-a-sustainable-house-what-do-you-think/
Brainstorm: Can you think of ways that your house is sustainable? (5 mins)
Source: https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=sustainable
Lesson 2
You will be allocated your own block of land on this map. This is where your house will be. Each block is the same size but your houses can be different sizes. Each house contains a family of four (4). Think about what position your house is in. North facing blocks are more sunny - this will affect where and how many windows you will design in your house. The front door must face the street front (10 mins).
Source: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/116174
Lesson 3
It will be happy days if you follow these simple rules:
DO NOT handle the printer without assistance of the teacher
Continue designing your sustainable house (30 mins)
Place your hand up if you need assistance - Try to solve the problem yourself before asking for assistance
How Does 3D Printing Work?
Let's watch a short video...
Safety First! (5 mins)
Source: https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=safety
Lesson 4
Let's Print! We will watch the final house being printed using the Makerbot (15 mins)
Paste your house on the square of wood where it has been allocated on the map - I will put some superglue onto the bottom of your house for you - refer to the map on the next slide
While you are waiting for your turn, write a reflection (1/2 page) in your journal about your experience with SketchUp, the Makerbot printer, and working with your peers
Be sensible around the printer (do not fling your arms around!)
Place your hand up if you need assistance
Assessment Criteria
You will be marked on the following:
Produce a functional house e.g. there should be a front door (that faces the street), roof, etc.
Your design should include at least
two (2)
sustainable features e.g. solar panels on roof
Write a
half A4 page
reflection outlining
your strengths and weaknesses using SketchUp and designing your house
your experience of this module: did you enjoy it? What didn't you like?
: what new information did you learn by undertaking this module?
Each student will receive a copy of this criteria to check every now and then during the module
Please note that when exporting SketchUp Make to a 3D printer, a free plugin needs to be downloaded. Click on this link to download your free plugin http://meshlab.sourceforge.net
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