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A Presentation about Greece and the world!

Garret Lissinna

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Greece

YOU ARE HERE! Rough estimate!!! Greece Is Located 37 58'N 23 43'E
Or otherwise Southeast Europe o o Greece is located in the Eastern Europeon Timezone Greece Athens is located here Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest city recording back to 3600 years ago 11, 304, 000 people fit onto a land mass of
131, 957 km2! Saskatchewan has 651,036
km2 with 1,086,564 people! Wow! This is the Greek Flag.
The nine stripes are said to represent the number of syllables in the Greek phrase "Eleutheria H Thanatos" usually translated as " Freedom or Death!", a battle cry during the final revolt against the ottoman occupation. The equal-armed cross represents the Greek Orthodox church,
though these are not confirmed as there are other theories Garret sucks balls Josh sucks niggas balls (Hellican Republic) pen island Greece Imports a Mass Amount Of Ivory, Grain, Timber And Metal.
Greece Exports Olive Oil, Petroleum Products, And Manufactured Goods. Greece is a Unitary Parliamentary Republic. This Means They Have The Same Government System of Government. They Elect a Prime Minister And Vote For Their Leader, Just Like Us! Greek cuisine incorporates fresh ingredients into a variety of local dishes such as moussaka, stifado, Greek salad, spanakopita and souvlaki. The Current adoration of the canadian flag was officially introduced in 1965. This design was unofficially used since 1890. Canada uses the food guide as a base for our diet. although its not always healthy, our diet also includes fast food. Canada's main exports are, Maple Syrup, Lumber, Different Minerals, And Grain And Farming Products.

Canada's Main Imports are, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, electronics, chemicals, electricity and durable consumer goods. Thanks
Watching One way Greece is connected to the World is that they made the Olympics, one of the biggest national sporting events to date. Greece's climate has a minimum temperature of −27.8 °C (−18.0 °F) and a maximum temperature of 48.0 °C (118.4 °F) Canada's climate is a minimum of -25 C to a maximum of 30 C O O Fun Fact:
The average life span in Greece is
78 years, one year shorter of the canadian average life span The official currency of Greece is the the
Euro Canada's official currency is the
Canadian dollar 1 canadian dollar equals 0.742 euro, but value of money is constantly changing.
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