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Where I Live!

A presentation of my two homes (mom's and dads) and the two towns I live in, Littleton and Spencer Massachusetts.

Julia Pitino

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Where I Live!

Hey! My name is Julia Pitino.
I live primarily in Littleton Massachusetts with my mom in a little tan house. On the weekends, I live with my dad in Spencer, MA, in a big white house. Here's a quick look at where I live! This is Littleton Sub Shoppe. I go here for lunch with my friends all the time, and it's just a quick walk from my house. They have awesome pizza and subs, so if you're ever in town I suggest you go there! I hope you enjoyed my brief tour of the towns that I live in! That's it! This is Littleton! It's about a 45 minute drive from Boston, and some of the surrounding towns are Acton, Westford, and Ayer. My House in Littleton, MA There is where I go to school, Littleton High School. It's a small public school, with only about 100 kids per class. It looks big on the outside, but on the inside it feels small! Now to Spencer! This is my dad's house; I live here on the weekends with him, my step mother, and three stepbrothers. I love this house, the landscape is so pretty and we have a gazebo! My favorite part of Spencer is the Dairy Queen! I go there whenever I can on the weekends. Sometimes my stepbrothers and I walk there together. I always get a swirl cone dipped in chocolate. Yum! 69 South Spencer Street Here is Spencer on a Massachusetts map. It's about an hour's drive from Boston, and also about an hour from Littleton. Some of the surrounding towns are Leicester, Brookfield, and Charlton. This is Spencer State Forest. My dad and I go here all the time to fish in the summer. There is a beautiful pond, a waterfall, and a small campground. The parking lot here is where I first learned to drive! This is my house! I live here most of the week with my mom and my dog Bailey. It has a small yard, but at least it's easy to mow! 23 Wychwood Dr.
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