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Copy of Classroom Template

Cool Template for Workshops!

mark eastham

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Classroom Template

Reform for
Studying for
GCSEs on the
Isle of Man
All secondary school qualifications offered at Key stage 4 (14-16 year olds) in the Island will move to the Internation GCSE offered by Cambridge International Examinations
Starting from September 2015 all secondary school qualifications offered at Key stage 4 (14-16 year olds) in the Island will move to the Internation GCSE offered by Cambridge International Examinations
Overview of GCSE
Introduction of GCSE
Under the Labour Government subjects became modular
Reform of Exam Boards
O Levels scrapped
Replaced with the GCSE
New grading system grade A* - G
Cambridge University develop IGCSE for UK overseas territories
Edexcel,AQA and OCR
GCSE Reform
Coalition Government
UK Secretary of state announces introduction of "English Baccalaureate"
Uncertainty on the Island over which direction to go in.
More Changes !!!
English Baccalaureate
GCSE becoming linear
Removal tiered papers
Substantial change to grading system
Isle of Man again in the position of deciding on which qualifications to follow
Major Reforms to GCSE in England
Senior leaders meet to discuss IOM direction
Follow England GCSEs
Switch to International GCSE
Switch to Scottish Examination
Consultation on 14 -16 Qualification Reform
Departement invite comments through use of a questionaire
This is based on 10 key statements that relate to the key principles and issues
840 responses
92% responding online
Ten statements were offered. Responses were
given via the "likert" attitude scale
1 2 3 4 5
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree

Major Reforms
to Qualifications
for IOM students age 14-16
September 2015
From September 2015 the core of
secondary school qualifications offered to Key Stage 4 (14-16) on
the Island will move to the International GCSE offered by
Cambridge International Examinations
What are IGCSE's ?
Based on GCE O Level
Developed for over seas territories who's first language is not English
In 2014 139,000 students sat an IGCSE exam in more than 160 countries
96% increase in the last three years
They are not prone to changes in Government thinking
Broad range of subjects
English is very popular
Not subject to boundary changes in results
The Future

IGCSE to become the main qualification on the Island form September 2015
By 2017 80% of exam entries will be through IGCSE
For some specialist subject schools can follow GCSE offered by the Welsh Board
The Isle of Man Government believe the IGCSE option offers the most balanced qualification for the Islands young people.
How will this effect my practice ?
Already teach IGCSE Maths
One end exam
No Course Work
Both paper calculator
More flexible
Qualification rather than certified course
"Just one reform to many"
Stick with GCSE but abandon modular assessment
Isle of Man defers decison regarding qualifications
Outcomes of the Consultation
The Department, having taken into account the views expressed by headteachers and teachers as well as those views gathered through the formal consultation process made a decision to follow the International GCSE across a core of subjects unless, in individual subjects, there are good reasons for using an alternative.
Further Reading
Cambridge IGCSE
Isle of Man Government
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