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Sports Management

salvador lozano

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Sports

Come watch the 7th annual celebrity flag football game!

You'll get to watch NFL Legends and Hispanic Celebrities play together and compete for the MVP title!

Fans of the winning team will received a mini helmet signed by a surprise guest player!

Special Guests Include:
Celebrity chefs Aaron Sanchez and Lorena Garcia!

Former NFL stars Derrick Brooks and Brian Westbrook!

And so much more! is for teams is for history is for active is for violence is for element is for overtime When you play in a team in what ever sport you play there is going to be violence. when you are overtime you have to work harder If you play a sport, you have to be active for whatever thing the coach tells you to do. Teamwork is an important element in sports. Back then sports history was so important to people. BMS has the best basketball team of all time. is for uniforms is for matches is for sacrifice You have to sacrifice for other people when you play a sport. is for information The coaches have to give information to the players. All the uniforms that the players use are different colors. is for league A lot of people dream to be in big soccer league. is for focus Every player has to focus to play the game. is for ball In every sport you have to use a ball. When you play there is a lot of matches you have to face. is for positive Every time you play a sport you have to be positive. is for goalkeeper Only the goalkeeper can grab the ball with his hands. is for require is for countries All the players have to have there countries names. is for quick In every sport you have to quick. People are require to bring all there stuff they need. is for yellow. Some uniforms are made with yellow strips. is for exam People get exam when they play sports. is for judge The coaches are aloud to judge in the game. is for wild Some people play to wild and to aggressive. is for dazzle A lot of players dazzle the audiences by dunking the basket. is for nationals when people get older they go to the nationals. is for direction In sports there is a lot of directions to follow. is for kick To kick a ball hard you need to try your best. BY: SALVADOR LOZANO Mixed Alphabets of SPORTS WORK CITED BOOK:
Chamot, A., Hollie, S. Keystone A. Pearson Longman WEBSITE: Big Question what do we learn through winning and losing? what we learn through winning and losing is that all the people try there very best to play a sport and not give up on anything. youtube
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