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The Art of Team-Working Successfully 2

No description

Niko Chen

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of The Art of Team-Working Successfully 2

The Art of Team-Working
Successfully ~Niko Attitude In Charge Think / act constructively
Take initiative
Avoid complaining, negative comments, blaming Responsible Take ownership
Ability to work without supervision
Take responsibility for own work results
Willing to listen and learn
Strength to admit being wrong Goal Orientated
Action Learn to set long-term goals
Be able to plan action steps
Review, reflect regularly and adjust as needed HOT BUTTONS Something that draws out a strong emotional response or reaction Be aware of your
Resolve that nobody can push your 'Hot Buttons'
Pause & Think, respond with focus on your goal 'Hot Buttons' Attitude
Managing Conflict BUILDING TRUST Respect
Competence COMMUNICATION Good Listening Habits Pay attention
Show that you care
Show interest
If in doubt, ask questions Managing CONFLICT Step 1: Listen
Step 2: Generate solutions
Step 3: Select
Step 4: Implement with action plan
Step 5: Evaluate & adjust "Please give an example."
"Tell me more."
"I'm not sure if I understand."
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