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on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Night

Night final assessment
Quote # 2
Page 39
"My father had been struck in front of me, and i had not even blinked. I had watched and kept silence"
This quote shows indifference by showing how people not believing what Elie said. He told moche the beadle's stories of deaths in galicia and german to people, but no one actually believed him and thought he was jest being crazy. Because of that, they were sent to Auschwitz
Quote #1
Page 17
"People refused not only to believe his stories, but even listen to him."
Quote #3
Page 101
"The old man mumbled something, groaned, and died. Nobody cares"
What is indifference?
- In dictionary, indifference means "
lack of interest, concern, or sympathy"

- Book 'Night' is about Wiesel's true story what happened in Auschwitz

- There are many indifference scenes in this book, here i will going to show some of them.

This quote shows the indifference by showing how Elie treat his father when he was beaten up. A german offices has slapped and abused him because he was asking for the restroom. However, Elie didn't even flinched buy he was just quietly looking at that situation since the camp (Auschwitz) has changed him.
These quote is obviously telling us the indifference. because, as u see, no ones are helping weak old man didn't do anything for him. Also when he died, nobody cared about.
Quote #4
Page 101
" And the spectators observed these emaciated creatures ready to kill for a crust of bread"
Indifference in this quote is showed by the German workers.They threw just a one piece of bread to starving Jews. Jews people fight for that one piece and German workers just sat back and watching them fighting around. This is indifference because German people don't care about what happened to Jews.
How does the indifference affect others?
During reading this book, I realized that he faced on many indifference problems. Also indifference was actually the one started everything happened in this book. Many things happen due to indifference and by this, people can realize that indifference have such a huge impact on both individuals and society. Of course indifference can sometimes necessary and gave us the positive affect. However, indifference in this book was not necessary and gave them a negative affect.
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