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How the Indians Influenced the Modern World

No description

Culture Crew

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of How the Indians Influenced the Modern World

By The:
How the Indians Influenced the Modern World
Driving Question
Government And Economy
Culture Crew

John Arora, Maggie Solinsky, Tapreia Royal-Todd, Matthew Renda, and Bobby Kelly
Created the:
Decimal System
Algebra and Algorithms
Square and Cube Root
Discovered & Determined:
Calculation of Eclipses
Earths Circumference
The theory of Gravity
The sun was a star
The number of planets
Specialized in:
Creating Herbal Medicines
Plastic Surgery
Extraction of Catracts
Dental Surgery
Intro Statement
People in India used the barter system
Flour and grain might have been used as money or for trading
Traded silver coins minted back to 600 B.C.
Had a powerful and strong monarchy
In the Velic age, India was flourishing with nomads
People were divided into castes
People wouldn't look or touch the untouchables
The Ancient Indians achieved many things. Now lets look at some of their achievements and how they influenced us today. We will also look at how we can still improve their technology.
Musical Instruments
The first paintings were cave paintings
Showed animals in scenes being hunted
Dance Styles
Bharata Natyan
Kuchi Pudi
Let's look at Ancient Indian culture. Ancient Indians thought culture was very important. They had many musical instruments, many dance styles, and lots of art. Painting was sometimes on cave walls and often depicted scenes of men hunting animals with swords, spears, and shields.
Their Influence On Us Today
How We Can Do It Better
Let's look at Ancient Indian technology. Ancient Indians invented many new things like the decimal system. They were the first people to determine the number of planets. Ancient Indians specialized in plastic surgery.
How We Can Do It Better
The Influence On Us Today
How They Influenced Us Today
Government And Economy
How We Can Do It Better
Let's look at Ancient Indian economy. The Ancient Indians lived in a monarchy. Ancient Indians used the caste system where everyone was divided into groups, or castes. People in Ancient India used the barter system (a system of trade).
What We Learned
The sitar has been influenced in music by Ravi Shankar and The Beatles
Lots of Indian instruments may have influenced instruments like the guitar and the drums
People also still celebrate Indian religions such as Buddhism
Their cave paintings have influenced artwork today in animal paintings
We still use zeros, decimals, algebra, and square roots in mathematics
Knowing that the sun is a star and that there are nine planets helps us better understand our universe
Surgery helps us fix our bodies if we break a bone or if a tooth rots
Medicines help us make our bodies function better
We can continue to discover more about the solar system
We can make more medicines
We can find safer ways to perform surgery
We can use these mathematical terms to help us further understand our world
We still use coins in our money system
Monarchies are still used today in many countries
Kids trade toys such as trading cards
People go camping for days, weeks, and sometimes months
More people can practice the Buddhist religion
We can make more instruments similar to Indian instruments
We can find other ways to create art similar to how the Indians did
We can create more coins to help create exact change
We can find fair ways to trade
People can have a say in the king or queen's laws
People can start camping more
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I learned that cows were sacred in India
I learned how to use Go Animate
I learned about Prezi
I learned that the Indians created the decimal system
I learned how to videotape

Overall the Ancient Indians influenced the modern world in many ways such as culture, economy, government, and technology. Some of the things the Indians invented are still around and widely used today in the modern world. Without Ancient Indians the world would not be the same.
Buddha and the Caste System
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