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WWI and Russian Revolution Review

No description

Matt Baker

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of WWI and Russian Revolution Review

WWI and Russian Revolution Review
Central Alliance: Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire
Triple Entente: England, France, Russia -> later United States
Started 1914 Ended 1918
Old tactics with new technology
Trench Warfare
Poison gas, machine guns, airplanes, barbed wire
Russia dropped out in 1917 due to revolution
War ended in 1918 with Treaty of Versailles
France: Wanted to punish Germany, receive reparations
England: Wanted to limit Germany, contain Russia, gain colonies
US: Wanted to establish League of Nations, take it easy on Germany
Russia Under the Tsar
Autocracy (monarchy) with Nicholas II
No representation for the people
Feudal Economy
Peasants worked farms, some urban, highly taxed
Peasants extremely poor, royalty disconnected
1904 Russo-Japanese War - Japanese win
Tsar delegitimized
1905 Revolution - Tsar allowed representation (Duma)
As soon as revolt died down Tsar ignored previous concessions
1914 - WWI - Russia suffered heavy losses
Straw the broke camel's back, revolution in 1917
United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Vladimir Lenin, inspired by Karl Marx, led revolutionary movement
Bolshevik Party
Took control in 1917, civil war until 1922
Collectivized agriculture
Farms controlled by state, determined where output would go
Command (central) economy
Economy controlled by state to guarantee efficiency, ensure revolution, and control productive forces
Military purges - Would kill large amounts of people, especially gov't officials
Used to consolidate power and reinforce the leader's ideal
MANIA and how it led to WWI
The alliances of WWI
Type of warfare and its effectiveness
Terms of Treaty of Versailles
Goals of US, France, and England in making the Treaty
Tsar's government and economy
Why the Tsar was unpopular and overthrown
Who led the revolution and the name of his party
Policies in the USSR - What they are and who they affected
Collectivization of agriculture, command economy, military purges
What life was like in the USSR
M - Militarism - Arms race and increase in military activity
Ex: England and Germany race for the largest navy
A - Alliances - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottomans v. England, France, Russia, United States
Ex: Central Alliance and Triple Entente
N - Nationalism - Belief in the superiority of your country
Ex: France and Germany rivalry roots
I - Imperialism - Rush for colonies around the globe
Ex: Scramble for Africa
A- Assassination - Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand killed
Objective and Agenda
Objective: Review and summarize WWI and Russian Revolution for test tomorrow
Pass out Africa Political Map, History in the Making, and Test Review Sheet
Prezi Review
Question and Answer
Work Time
WWI and Russian Revolution Test Tomorrow
Africa Political Map Test Friday
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