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Mr. mitochondria

No description

Paige Skaggs

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Mr. mitochondria

one day Mrs. ribosomes and Mrs. chloroplasts called Mr.Mitochondria for help because they were to weak and could not create gulcose or protein for the cell.
Mr. mitochondria
BY:Paige Skaggs

Mr.Mitochondria answered the call for help and turned chemical energy in to power for all the other organelles to use so that the can do their jobs.
everyone in the town loved and respected Mr.Mitochondria and he loved his town and would do anything to help save his town and keep it safe.
Mr. Mitochondria gives the the cell energy. it converts chemical energy into power for the cell to use.
people in the town where Mr. Mitochondria lives counts on him for a lot. anytime there is a problem they call him to help.
Mr. mitochondria had many helpers and friends within the cell, Such as the nucleus which is the information center in the cell and the rough endoplasmic reticulum which stores food and energy for the cell
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